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One of the most used apps worldwide is NSwhatsApp APK. It has been downloaded more than 1 billion times and is regarded as the most popular messaging programme. Although it has many features with the official WhatsApp app, you’ll be surprised to discover that it also offers a tonne of other unique features.

Contrarily, there are several limitations and privacy policies pertaining to WhatsApp. For instance, using the official WhatsApp, you can send files up to 20 MB in size. With these restrictions in mind, updated versions of WhatsApp have been released, giving users access to more capabilities and choices. One of them is NS WhatsApp. You can choose from hundreds of features that are completely configurable in the top texting apps.

Everyone is familiar with the various social applications available on cellphones in this age of innovation. Applications are created to satisfy user needs and assist users in any manner feasible. Similar to that, some programmes are designed purely for amusement. The purpose of the social app WhatsApp is to keep people in touch. It is a messaging programme with a wide range of additional capabilities, including media sharing and voice and video calling.

General Information

The internet refers to the GB WhatsApp application as “NS WhatsApp 3D,” although its actual name is nswhatsapp3d.apk. The file is only 45.07 MBs in size, and the most recent change was in 2021. This version of WhatsApp has to be 4.0 in order to function properly.

NSWhatsApp’s features

When compared to the official WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp had many more superior features. This version offers a variety of features that the standard app does not. Let’s review the features that this top texting software has to offer.

APK Ban Proof

This app is unblockable. The WhatsApp privacy agencies have no limits on this application. The creators believe that this app is the safest to use across all smartphone and other device types.

updates promptly

Whenever it is online, this version of WhatsApp updates itself automatically. To upgrade NS WhatsApp, no formal procedures are necessary. Every time the software is automatically updated, you will receive the newest and most reliable features.


You may modify the Apk’s entire interface with NS WhatsApp’s many various themes. For instance, you may use the NS WhatsApp to change the symbol, the background of the chat and contacts, the colours, and the theme to your liking. Although there are currently a lot of themes available for NS WhatsApp, you can easily download more themes to customise it.


Your phone already has a tonne of font possibilities, but NS WhatsApp provides a tonne of font options in terms of colour, design, and size.

Pick your favourite and develop a distinctive conversational style.

Video Status

There is only one 30-second video you can add to your status on WhatsApp’s official version. If your video is longer than 30 seconds, you must cut it into manageable chunks and upload each one separately. You can submit videos up to 7 minutes long on NS WhatsApp without breaking them up into smaller chunks.

automatic message replies

You may easily schedule messages in NS WhatsApp. Simply choose the day and hour that you want to send the message. Following the addition of the data, the Apk file will immediately notify the user at the specified time. Users who use WhatsApp for business transactions will find this functionality to be quite beneficial.

Media Exchange

You are able to share audio files up to 20 MBs with the official WhatsApp app. You get the best feature of sharing audio files up to 300 MBs with NS WhatsApp. With this amazing WhatsApp feature, you can transmit videos up to 1 GB in size with ease.

Options for Privacy

In terms of privacy, NS WhatsApp offers a variety of settings. Using WhatsApp, you may hide status, blue ticks, white ticks, and even delivery reports. You frequently notice that the individual whose name you are conversing with has “typing” displayed beneath their name. You may very quickly hide this typing in NS WhatsApp and never let people know about you.

Customizing the User Interface

NS WhatsApp is available as a fully editable Apk file. It makes it easier to customise the chat’s colour, style, app icon, and notification bar. All of these choices are available for free in NS WhatsApp.


There are numerous Emojis in the Apk file that are not present in the official WhatsApp. You can send a variety of stickers, emojis, and GIFS that your pals haven’t seen. Surprise them by differentiating your conversational approach from others’.

Lock Specific Discussions

You can lock specific chats in NS WhatsApp using a password, pattern, or fingerprint. You can lend your phone to anyone without any reluctance in this manner, and your discussions will remain secure and confidential.

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