Now&Me, A Mental Wellness App, Is More Like An All-In-One App

Now&Me, a mental wellness application, comes under the top 100 mental wellness apps and provides people with what they genuinely long for – a like-minded community, self-help tools, and instant guidance and support. 

Getting best online therapy in India can be difficult when there is not much awareness and some families are not accepting of their children taking therapy as it is not considered okay or normal. So with such a population in mind, Now&Me thought of making an all-time app rather than just a mental health app that gives the user a holistic and wholesome experience. 

The Now&Me team understood how the Indian population believes inner healing goes beyond therapy, and to give them such an experience, they inculcated the idea of community, self-help tools, and short versions of therapy, where you can share your feelings anonymously, talk to peer listeners, get access to thoroughly vetted content, and get expert guidance, all in one place. 

With this thought in mind, Now&Me launched their professional guidance Expert Panel in January 2023 for people to get help in different walks of life, be it their relationships, careers, or personal development. Furthermore, they created an Online Community where you and everyone else can share anything without judgment or fear. Today, this community platform has more than 200K members sharing their feelings and embracing their most vulnerable selves with different people.

Moreover, looking at the current generation, Now&Me wanted to do something different and quick, which gives users instant results. For this, Now&Me introduced the concept of Bite-Sized Therapy, a test drive for therapy that includes shorter sessions with timings customizable according to the user’s preferences. This works best for people who are constantly on the go and want instant guidance from an expert. This service is available 24×7 in multiple languages with a pay-per-minute pricing model.

Last but not least, Now&Me recognizes that not everyone can afford therapy. To address this, they have compiled a section of blogs and guides written by mental health writers and carefully examined by medical professionals to increase awareness and support people in discovering their inner selves. 

To sum up, the mantra of Now&Me is simple — healing isn’t selfish; it is simply soul awakening. So, book your session with Now&Me and get to know yourself with the best experts out there.

Syed Qasim

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