Now is the High Time to Hire a Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer

Over the couple of years, sexual assault crimes have been increasing across the world. Not only is it just about Toronto, Canada that people are reporting this heinous crime every now and then. The entire world is making people think that they are not secure even at their homes. Some stats explain that this victimization has affected more than 300,000 people, which is quite a big figure considering the fact that most of the countries have already developed some laws and regulations to control them.

Here, the worth considering fact is that sexual assault is not just about being raped; rather, it involves a lot more aspects that people usually overlook or are unable to figure out if they are also the victim of sexual assault or not. With that being said, it has become crucial for everyone to understand what is meant by sexual crime and why the person has to consult with a Toronto sexual assault lawyer immediately.

What is Referred to As Sexual Assault?

Contrary to the common belief, sexual assault is something more than just rape. Most of the people do not usually report this assault because of their limited knowledge about what just happened to them is also an assault according to the law. Even some people hide it due to the fear of societal or public scrutiny.

At this point, no one could be of help to the victim but a Toronto sexual assault lawyer because he/she is responsible to explain what sexual assault actually is.

Any nonconsensual act as explained by tribal, state or federal law is referred to as sexual assault. If there is no consent from the victim and the other person tries to take control, it is an assault and must be reported immediately.

Here, the sexual assault lawyer ascertains one thing that it’s not victim’s fault to get into this assault. He/she would try to keep the details confidential but the victim would have to undergo some trial in order to testify the assault. Although this step may not be as comfortable and easy for the victim as it looks like, it could help the law to save others from getting into the same trouble.

Civil and Criminal Claims

Considering the fact that sexual assault is a serious crime, the burden of proof is extremely high. The Toronto sexual assault lawyer has to prepare each and everything before standing in front of the quote. There is no chance of doubt because the court has to be ascertained that the accused has actually done this crime and the victim should be given justice. Not only criminal courts, civil courts also handle such cases and help the victims to compensate against the assault. The court may let the accused to take compensate in terms of:

  • Medical treatment
  • Psychological trauma
  • Emotional consoling
  • Financial needs etc.

Reasons Behind Not Reporting Sexual Assault to the Police

Sexual assault is one of those crimes which are least reported to the police. Majority of the victims hesitate or feel ashamed of explaining what has happened to them. Even, some victims take some time to report the assault because they don’t find themselves in a position to go to the police right after the offence.

Other than that, some victims settle down the crime in one way or the other with the accused. They either consider it their personal matter, don’t give enough importance or don’t want to involve the police to handle the assault. They think that police cannot do anything for their betterment or don’t help when they ask for it.

In order to avoid all such problems and embarrassment, the best way is to approach a Toronto sexual assault lawyer who will be responsible to take care of the legal proceedings right from the beginning.

Tips to Hire a Sexual Assault Lawyer

Now that the basics of sexual assault have been explained, one of the important decisions is to hire a sexual assault lawyer. Although there would be a huge number of lawyers working on it, the victim or his/her loved ones have to be extremely careful while hiring one of them. What they have to do is to take some time to research different sexual assault lawyers and contact 2 or 3 in order to figure out which is better. Also, suggestions can be taken from people in the surroundings (those who have tried their services before).


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