Now have a Contamination-free Samples & Experimentation – Use Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood.

  1. Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood Good For Use in the Medical Industry –

The clean environments comprise of the following such as – medical labs, research labs, assembly workplaces of sterile equipment and Electronic devices lab, etc.  They are also well suited to the various kinds of experimentations which are regarding the clean environment. The most suitable is the laminar flow hoods for a clean and sterile environment. With the help of clean benches, filtered airflow is provided across the whole area. Laminar flow hoods are the ones that protect your sample from any kind of airborne contamination.

The airflow direction depends on the following – Type of process, operator safety, and clearance requirements. In the horizontal laminar flow cabinets, the clean air moves from the filters which are located behind the work surface towards the operator. In Horizontal laminar flow hoods, clean filtered air moves upward from the filter surface on the top to the work surface. Out of the two kinds of configurations of the laminar flow hoods, there is horizontal airflow and also there is vertical airflow.

The other comprises of the following types they are as follows – benchtop & free-standing and portable design that meet cleanliness requirements of ISO4 & ISO5 – Class 10 and 100 cleanrooms. Many kinds of laminar flow workstations, be it horizontal airflow directions, vertical or others are being offered by many good companies.

  1. Samples Well Protected By the Laminar Airflow  –

Bottom open frame clean bench can be ordered and this all is provided so that it can be placed on the worktable. Horizontal laminar flow hoods offer several ranges of options and also accessories which comprise of the following – Support stands & stainless steel work surface, a power outlet & germicidal UV lamp, second hinged front face shield & IV bar, and Ionizing bar and static dissipative windows. In optional comes the work surface. Free of particulate and contamination, the horizontal flow ISO5 clean bench is made in such a way to protect the samples and the materials on the hood from getting contaminated by providing the area with laminar flow of air. 

This will ensure that the overall life span of the filter is expanded. You can also buy the laminar flow hoods with work surface and mobile-based stand plus there will also be black plenum which will provide re-circulation of the air and reduce the percentage of the dirty air passed through the filter.

  1. Some of the Extra Skins of Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods –

 It comprises built-in fluorescent light.  Its bench to model offers an air recirculation which reduces the % of dirty air passed through the filter. With the help of back plenum, the overall life of the filter is extended and increased. By confining the airflow there is an increase in the airspeed as each and every model comprises a tilt-up sash. It has low sounds and low watts as there is also an integrated fan filter module and it meets the IEST recommended practices. Optional work surface is also available and there are stands which comprise of stainless steel or Polypropylene work surface and epoxy Powder coated steel stand with caster available. Horizontal Laminar flow hoods are made of a portable laminar flow with a workstation which provides a design that is space-saving and can be easily positioned on any bench.

  1. Applications of the Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods –

It can be successfully used in the following areas such as – Antibiotics &thermal cycler, Centrifuge &preparations of IV Admixture or other drugs, Plant Cell Culture, etc. Rather you should use the horizontal laminar flow hood.  Horizontal laminar flow hood cabinets make a clean environment which is the necessity for any labs and pharmaceutical companies. If your operations comprise of the use of bio-hazards, then biological safety cabinets should not be used. Please take special note that it should be used with the cultures that do not harm the atmosphere. Also, it is not suitable for the attendance of hazardous substances. The personal level of protection which the bio-safety cabinets offer, the same is not offered by the laminar flow hoods and clean benches.

It is also best for use in the fields of the following such as medicines, food, industrial sectors and for the following purposes such as – Sterile manipulations & electronics, Assembly of miniature mechanisms, and any other application where clean conditions are required to protect the product from airborne contaminants.

Make Your Operations Successful With the Use of Best Laminar Flow Hoods –

Laminar flow hoods provide a very hygienic atmosphere. It protects against contamination of any kind through the air. This is one of the pivotal reasons as to why many industries scientific and other research labs choose the laminar flow hoods. This will enhance your experiments and make your operations work out well.