Notes for applying for a master’s degree in Singapore

In recent years, Singapore has become more and more attractive to international students, especially Singapore’s postgraduate education. The number of people applying to study for a master’s degree in Singapore is very huge, but not everyone gets what they want. If you want to successfully apply for a postgraduate study at a public university in Singapore, you need to pay attention to the following points.

  1. GPA

Singapore public universities attach great importance to the average score of students during school, because it can reflect the students’ learning ability. Based on the previous admission standards, it is recommended that the average score of students should not be lower than 80.

Merit-based admission is the admission criterion for master’s degree programs at the universities in Singapore. Students with excellent academic performance will have a higher application success rate.

So if you want to apply for a master’s degree in Singapore, you should prepare well in advance and improve your undergraduate GPA as much as possible.

According to past experience, students from well-known or high-level schools whose average GPA is 80 or above, then his/her application success rate is very high.

In addition to academic performance, university awards, participation in activities, or research projects can all add to your application.

  • School background

If the student’s undergraduate school is a key or first-class institution, their average score needs to be at least 80, and the IELTS score should be 6.5 or above, or the TOEFL score should be 87 or above.

If the school that the student attends at the undergraduate level is a non-first-class institution, he/she needs to obtain a higher average score and provide a higher language score to make up for the lack of his or her academic background and prove that his or her learning ability is equally excellent.

  • Award certificate

Students can also get extra points if they have won some awards during school. The main reason is that teachers in Singapore attach great importance to a student’s comprehensive ability.

  • Internship/Work Experience

Many public universities in Singapore require students to have relevant work experience, such as the business administration at the National University of Singapore. All students with relevant internship experience will be given priority by the school.

The overall quality of students in school is equally important. Students’ school/provincial scholarship certificates, large-scale public welfare volunteer activities, corporate internships, etc. are all powerful conditions for improving their overall quality, and must be provided when applying.

  • Document

Essays are the most critical point for successful admissions. Even if a student is excellent enough to meet the application requirements, if the quality of his/her essays is not up to standard, it is difficult to be admitted.

  • Interview

The interview is the last step. All students who can receive the interview notice are considered by the teachers of the universities in Singapore. The purpose of the teacher’s request for the interview is to learn more about the student. The interview is usually an online interview, and the questions are also related to the paper.

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