Not Your Father’s Salesman: The Rise of the Car Sales Executive

Think about how you bought your first car.

Do you still remember going to a dealer and telling a car salesperson exactly what you’re looking for? Well, these days, the car buying experience is a lot different. Consumers can now schedule at-home test drives, and they’re relying more on online tools to help them choose the right vehicle.

Now, if you’re a car sales executive, you might be wondering, “Where does this leave me?” Here we’ll talk about why you shouldn’t worry about losing your job, as well as some tips for succeeding as a car salesperson in the digital age. 

Remember, You Play an Important Role

Just because consumers have access to tons of information online doesn’t mean they won’t need the services of a professional car salesperson. Even if they’ve already done their preliminary research, they’re still after a more personalized buying journey.

And that’s where you come in. If you can provide a customer with his or her preferred experience, you have a higher chance of sealing the deal. This is why it’s important to connect with customers beyond offering them low prices.

The good news is sparking a connection with consumers doesn’t need to be an “if it happens, it happens” kind of thing. You can learn how to do it, along with other skills you’ll need to hone to be a great car sales executive.

Being an Excellent Car Sales Executive in the Modern Digital Era

Keep in mind that sales professionalism isn’t something you turn on only when a customer visits your car dealership. You have to be there every step of the buying journey, and for most consumers, that means when they check their inbox.

For your next marketing email, try making your subject line more personal. Use the customer’s name, and if you’re sending an introductory video, try to sound like you’re talking to a friend. Remember to avoid hard selling and just let the customer feel that you’re there to assist them with their needs.

If they respond with inquiries, this is your chance to showcase your knowledge. You can send another video message or give them a call. These options are better than plain-text email answers, as these might not convey empathy.

Other things to note include familiarizing yourself with different digital communication channels, and trying an automotive boot camp. You can find more info here if you’re interested in learning about additional training for car sales executives.

Ready to Maximize Your Sales?

Now that you know what consumers are expecting from car sales executives, are you confident about your skills?

If you have some concerns about being a good car salesperson in this day and age, keep reminding yourself that you have an important role to play in increasing your dealership’s profitability and financial growth. The skills you need to be an excellent car executive can be learned, and you can get more training to hone those skills even further.

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