Nostalgic Review of Colleen Hoover’s Books

Colleen Hoover is a popular self-published author and she has now two New York State bestsellers. The first book is called “Please Ignore Vera Dietz” and the next one is entitled “Lola and The Boy Next Door.”

Each Colleen Hoover books tells a different story that captivated both young and older readers, getting them hooked while they are reading. Her books both have crossed over to other mediums as well; an ABC Family television series was made in partnership with Sherri Cooper and a Disney movie was developed by Ása Kirkjal.

Further analysis proves that Colleen Hoover has been successful due to the genre she writes – her novels are marketed as “young adult fiction” which may be the main factor in their success.

It is hard to fault any novel by Colleen Hoover- the books are unputdownable, but are they that good?

Colleen Hoover is popular because her novels offer a hopeful look at life and love. Some of her novels might be seen as overly sentimental with upbeat endings, but Colleen Hoover tells readers exactly where they will go; she has your hope covered. Her books also have a well-thought-out plot. She leads her characters wonderfully through off-the-edge plots with vibrant detail.

Her stories are pure, unfinished fiction and sometimes with a supernatural injection. The success of her novels is not down to just her uncanny ability with words but also her personal ability to use them well.

What sets Hoover apart from other authors?

It’s important to know what sets Colleen Hoover apart from her peers so that readers can have an idea of what her writing style is like.

Colleen’s books have a tendency to have a real-person feel which brings the reader into the story more. This heightened sense of reality pulls readers in and through the chapters quicker because there are days even life has zoned out and moments when you wish you weren’t yourself. This human connection is unmatchable by any talent, technique, or format.

Colleen Hoover has a modern, and retro style of romance. The settings for her novels are all grounded in reality which is why the stories are relatable. The plots are captivating because readers can all easily imagine themselves in the character’s shoes. In each novel Colleen Hoover leaves a different takeaway message for readers.

Studying Colleen Hoover’s modern yet classic love stories like Verity Colleen Hoover leaves us with three distinct takeaways: first, that everyone deserves love, and second, that even people with seemingly big problems can live amazingly fulfilling lives. Last but not least, we learn that every life is worth telling and reading about when done properly.”


If you’re looking for a great, emotional read, Colleen Hoover is the author for you. Her books are full of suspense, romance, and angst, and will keep you hooked until the very end. If you’re looking to get lost in a book, check out Colleen Hoover’s writing.

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