North Carolina Small Business Health Insurance: Benefits

Taking care of its employees is a duty for any company. They are a business’s primary asset; everything would only work with them. That is why North Carolina small business health insurance continues to be a social benefit that workers value. But not only them, North Carolina health insurance for independent contractors are also increasingly aware of the advantages of health insurance for SMEs.

Hiring North Carolina small business health insurancebenefits employees since offering or not offering health insurance to workers reflects on their well-being. It directly impacts the company’s image and is one of the key elements to attracting talent.

What is North Carolina small business health insurance?

Health insurance for companies is health care policies and private medical services designed to serve workers and managers of any business, whether they are SMEs or large corporations.

For small companies, these medical insurances are a solution to prevent works skiving since they cover the medical services that their employees need. They incorporate most of the medical services a worker may require and represent an essential part of the company’s social benefits. 

In these policies, we can find grace periods for some of their coverage and co-payments to access certain private medical services, as with family health policies.

What coverage is attractive for North Carolina small business health insurance?

As with the rest of the medical insurance, the coverage of this type of health insurance for companies depends on the contract and the insurance offer. In general, they are flexible policies and adapted to the requirements of any company, although among the coverage that we can find are:

  • General medicine: consultation with the primary care physician.
  • Treatments and diagnostic tests: blood tests, radiology, MRIs, and other services.
  • Health care abroad: Health care outside of Spain up to a limit stipulated in the policy.
  • Other services: Here, we can find all kinds of proposals, from some dental coverage to the possibility of having a second medical opinion or accessing a telematic health care service, among others.

What benefits does North Carolina small business health insurance have?

In the characteristics of company health insurance, it is easy to imagine some of the advantages they offer for workers and SMEs.

Advantages for employees

Among the main benefits of North Carolina small business health insuranceare, first of all, the speed of access to the assistance service and the convenience and flexibility in choosing the center and the specialist doctor.

In fact, from the point of view of the worker, it is increasingly vital that the company offers health care and private medical services when choosing where they want to work. So much so that 6 out of 10 professionals and workers who want to change companies consider that having private health insurance can influence their decision to join a company.

Talent attraction and motivation

For companies, health insurance goes beyond the assistance service as it represents a tool to attract talent, motivate the workforce, and create a good environment.

Tax advantages

For the employer, the insurance premiums paid to workers and their families are a deductible expense in Corporate Tax. Therefore this is an advantage of health insurance for the company and the workers.

Does the North Carolina small business health insurance deduct taxes?

They can deduct the health insurance of those employees whose company contracted a group health insurance for their workers. This is a great incentive, both for employees and employers. On the company’s side, it can deduct 100% of what it spends on the collective medical insurance that it has contracted for its workers.

How do we account for the insurance reflected in the worker’s payroll?

The debit of the entry must record the amount of medical insurance in an account Wages and Salaries-Remuneration in kind. As a counterpart, in the credit of the payroll, there would be two options:

  1. One of the options might be to record the amount of the insurance premium in an account.
  2. Another option would be registering the corresponding health insurance premium amount in a statement.

North Carolina health insurance for independent contractors

An independent contractor is a person who is hired to do a specific job. It is said that she is her boss because she controls how and where the work is done. With North Carolina health insurance for independent contractors, he doesn’t have to have a contract. With very few exceptions, arrangements can be verbal. However, it is always suggested that the agreement be put in writing. This will allow us to protect the rights of all parties better.

North Carolina health insurance for independent contractorsis also important because the liability for damages caused at work is different when it is a contractor and when it is an employee who suffers the damage.

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