Normal hotel or dayuse hotel?

Have you found the perfect destination for your next day trip? Great, there’s nothing more fun than exploring a new city and finding the true gems here. But, to achieve this ultimate feeling of freedom, you do need a place to leave your bags or to come to rest. You have two options: a normal hotel, or one of the many dayuse hotels. In this blog, we’ll compare the two!

A normal hotel

This probably doesn’t need much explanation: a normal hotel is a place where you can sleep, shower, find time to relax and do many other things. Nowadays, most hotels have the opportunity for lunch, breakfast and dinner too. With the right budget, in most hotels you can give yourself quite some luxury, so that you don’t even need to leave the hotel if you don’t want to. Find yourself a hotel with a swimming pool, a jacuzzi or a wellness center and treat yourself for the night!

Dayuse hotels

Now, this might be something you’re yet unfamiliar with. A dayuse hotel is pretty much the exact same as a normal hotel, the only difference is that you don’t get to use the hotel during the night. This might sound weird, but it gives you the possibility to experience a city without having to carry your luggage, to go out all freshened up or to take a quick nap in between big walks.

Most dayuse hotels actually have the possibility to stay over the night as well, but of course the hotel staff wants to know in advance, so they can prepare your room exactly the way you want.

What should I go for?

To answer this question, you must think about the main purpose of your stay. If you’re planning to stay for multiple days, a regular hotel is the right answer. But, if you’re planning to head back in the evening, a dayuse hotel is perfect for you, as it gives you all the freedom you need to enjoy a city.

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