Non-invasive Blood Glucose Meter Device  by Using Unique Technology: IFGICT Certified

We would like to introduce our invention about a blood glucose meter device  by using unique technology without pricking or any additional instruments ,  Just by placing any part of the body (either finger or other) on the device and without touching it (about 1 cm away) .


Introduction of technology


Scientific research has indicated that saliva and surface fluids of human skin such as perspiration contain glucose, research has also shown that it is very difficult to measure the glucose level through the saliva or surface fluid of the skin, because they need very complex equipment and that glucose is inaccurate and does not correspond to blood glucose level , But with our technology we were able to measure glucose level in a simple way , We also proved that the percentage of glucose found in saliva and surface fluids of the skin is exactly equal to the blood glucose level .


This invention represents a new medical device and methodology that achieves simple, non-invasive (does not require pricking to take a blood sample or any additional instruments), quick and accurate blood glucose level monitoring .


We applied this technique to a device we manually produced for testing purposes and We have called It HIRF , the device has a 7 segments display , reset button and 12 volt milliamp batteries , it’s coast dose not exceed 30 US dollars .We use separate components while they can be collected by  one I.C through specialized companies , this will make the device size much smaller . All blood glucose monitoring devices available on the market are based on pricking ( That Causing pain especially for children ) or additional instruments such as microchips under skin  .
We are talking about a technology that has no parallel in the world .  There is also no device in the world that monitors the level of glucose in the blood remotely such as our device ، Users do not even need to touch it .


a non-invasive blood glucose sensor using a hybrid excitation techniques of both RF wave and infrared (IR) energy which does not require pricking for blood sample. The device is suitable for use by medical professionals to untrained personnel in non-institutional locations. A simple use case is a person periodic self-measurement of blood glucose in their home. Should also take into consideration that the technology  is not only to monitor the level of glucose, we have also been able to read  the levels of the blood cholesterol, This means that we can read other levels of other things other than glucose and cholesterol in the blood  the levels of the blood cholesterol, This means that we can read other levels of other things other than glucose and cholesterol in the blood  using the same technology  .


Main axes on which technology depends


The process of integrating the infrared wave with the radio frequency wave created a hybrid wave we called the HIRF wave, The advantage of this wave is that when they reach the glucose present in the  saliva or surface fluids of the skin generates a resonance frequency so that the value of this frequency depends on the level of glucose . After several measurements, we were able to measure 700 different resonance frequencies and each frequency reflected a different value for the glucose level, this means that we reached 700 different levels of glucose .


Harmful effects


There are no harmful effects on the users because simply the radio waves we use are the same as the value of the waves now used in many fields such as radio broadcasts and communications, and this means its existence everywhere, as for IR, it is the same as the IR used for remote controls for televisions or other devices .




We are fully prepared to implement a practical test to prove our credibility  ,This test can be performed on several people and compare the results of our device with any devices available in the market, in addition the product is certified and accredited product “Approved Product Provider by the IFGICT


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