No-Code SharePoint Development in Post Pandemic World

Businesses that earlier depended profoundly upon SharePoint development for their collaboration and information management requirements, started looking for new applications to enhance their efficiency and adjust to the demands amid the sudden outburst of COVID-19.

We all know that under normal circumstances, the IT department would have been handling this responsibility. Nevertheless, circumstances changed to support the ongoing pandemic situation. With increased pressure on IT guys due to remote working and their own project timelines, it became difficult for them to manage the workload. Businesses started facingmassive resource and timeconstraints which starting affecting the overall business performance.  No-Code application development solutionwas the best weapon to handle the situation.

This way they businesses were able to address the pressing issuesquickly. Further, it empowered business users to take better control of their business processes with business process automation that too without any coding.

Obviously, No-Code solutionswitnessed a massive increase in popularity and adoption. Thus, now businesses want to continue with the benefits that a No-Code SharePoint development and customization solution offers. In this article, we will take a deep dive into understanding the benefits of the No-code SharePoint application development solutions in the “Post Pandemic World”.

  1. Empowers businesses to develop applications faster to meet the evolving requirement

The sudden outburst of pandemic has created an immediate need for organizations to develop innovative SharePoint office 365 applications to support the collaboration and information sharing between remote working teams and customers. Organizations want are still continuing in this fashion seeing the numerous benefits it provides.No-code platforms fit the bill perfectly. It enables quicker and cost-effective ways of SharePoint app development, thereby helping businesses meet their swiftly changing business objectives.

  1. Supports better resource optimization and democratization of innovation

In the post pandemic world, where businesses are not only looking for revival but fast track growth. In such a scenario resource optimization and automation are the two important aspects that will separate profitable business from those in losses.

To overcome the pandemic induced global recession, each team member needs to offer extra; extra responsibilities and skills-sets. No-code platforms allow businesses to empower their employees with the right tool to innovate with speed without dependencies and delays. In addition, No-Code solutions enable the subject matter experts to collaborate, build, and customize their apps conveniently, bypassing any unnecessary troubles and bottlenecks that can hamper success.

  1. Enables innovation withvery less investment

Amid the fear of a global economic slowdown, businesses need to embrace technologies that can help in cost savings while boosting business efficiency. No-code platforms allow organizations to get this balancing act right. It mitigates the need for hiring costly SharePoint developers to build new applications or customize the existing ones. One-time investment and periodic renewals are the only investments required to keep innovating and building powerful SharePoint applications with No-code solutions.

  1. Stay productive with SharePoint applications to automate resource-intensive and critical business processes

IT- Automation can help employees stay ultimate productive and removes the repetitive tasks. While a large number of enterprise believe that SharePoint office 365 is the lifeline of their business but still a significant number of users believe that a significant percentage of time is wasted in performing SharePoint tasks that could be otherwise be automated. No-code solutions like QuickApps forSharePoint developmentallow businesses to automate their labor intensive and repetitive business tasks without writing a single line of code.

  1. Eliminates dependency on IT and development guys

As much as we would like to, there is just no way to know when normalcy will return. For now, it seems that remote working is here to stay and that means the IT department would have to keep supporting the needs of their remote workforce in more or less way. Fortunately, No-code platforms require minimum participation by the IT staff in the SharePoint application development, customization, and automation process. This enables the IT department to focus on new initiatives that ensure business continuity and productivity during these unprecedented times.


Be prepared to face business challenges in the post pandemic world with confidence. Powerful No-code solution like QuickApps empowerSharePoint users to customize and build SharePoint apps 80% faster with amazing features like simple point-and-click configuration. Business users can leverage its powerful web apps and pre-built templates to create SharePoint applications from scratch, for customizing existing apps or automate repetitive, and time-consuming processes.

Furthermore, QuickApps can be leveraged to:

  • Create insightful Dashboards and Charts
  • Automate business reports
  • Data Consolidation and Aggregation
  • Create Dynamic Navigation and Dynamic Forms

Businesses will need to invest in right technologies to speed up the recovery post pandemic. QuickApps for Office 365 can help your SharePoint office 365usersachieve this objective by rapidly building and releasing SharePoint business applications to modernize their business processes, benefiting the business in the long run.