Nitin Shah – Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

About Nitin Shah

Life is like a daring adventure and if you choose to travel, you only make your life even more adventurous. Nitin Shah’s passion, his love, his life-line was travel. Be it taking weekend trips locally or travelling internationally, he savoured it.

From the age of 17, Nitin Shah dreamed of having his own business. Working under his father allowed him to travel often. This helped him gain experience in the business world. He travelled to various parts of the world. Whilst travelling he met amazing individuals and grew to love the culture and scenic beauty of different countries. His real voyage of seeking discovery was in landscape and scenic mountains. He enjoyed the sea but he prefers scenic, mountainous trips. His favourite trip was when he visited the United States of America (USA). He fell for the beauty and nature view of the grand-canyon along with green mountains of Yellowstone National Park. His trips to Europe made him appreciate the cuisine and culture of every region even more.

Nitin Shah has seen unexpected beneficial results after his travel trips to various countries around the world. Travelling and meeting smart individuals is certainly a page-turner which inspires many provocative ideas. Over the years, the turbo-charged market economy and globalization led to a collaboration of Indian businessmen and global partners. Nitin Shah’s relationship with his global friends greatly contributed to his business venture when he started Shimit India in 1987.


Nitin Shah Travelling phase

Travelling to grow his business along with the joy of visiting different countries is what has contributed to Shimnit India’s success. He often travelled to Japan. Over the past 40 years, he has visited Japan more than a 100-times. It is now his second home. Travel often involves customer or co-worker entertainment along with growing a relationship that goes beyond just the basics of business. Nitin’s belief in cultivating the relationship with friends and clients helped him grow trust among international peers and clients. All his peers whom he built a relationship whilst working in Japan joined him in Shimnit India. To name a few Hitachi Maxell – which he did business with, in India for over 4 types of products like Computer data storage media products, Audio-Video cassettes, Professional Beta chem techs for studios and Tv channels, Batteries button size, lithium batteries etc. Ishikawa Kogyo Manufactures stone breaking and drilling machines. Others like Mia Mada who has Automatic drillers for electric tools; Machita’s Electric power tools; NZKNTK’s Ceramic Piezo for Lighters and many more.

On a trip to Amsterdam where his partner Kiwa chemical had a stall in the Intertraffic exhibition, he was inspired by the new technologies and decided to bring license plates to the Indian Market. Post the amendment to Rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rule, 1989, Shimnit India Pvt. Ltd. was formed. The amendment brought about specifications for registration plates of Motor Vehicles considering the need for standardization of registration plates and also to incorporate security features which would deter all vehicle-related crimes. Since 2001, Shimnit India Pvt. Ltd. has been working as the manufacturer of HSRP according to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). He was the first person to propose HSRP ideas to the Government of India.

Nitin Shah’s Travel inspired his family as well; his son Rushang Shah who helps out with his businesses and well is a self-made businessman also abides by travel.