Nikolay Dobrynin – biography

Nikolai Dobrynin was born on August 17, 1963 in Taganrog. My father worked as an investigator in the police, died early. Mother was a salesman. Older brother (by mother) – Alexander Naumenko (1956), People’s Artist of Russia, soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, bass.

Nikolai Dobrynin: “My dad worked in the police, and my mother devoted her whole life to trade. Like most of my fellow countrymen, I had two ways – either to serve as a sailor, or to work hard at the factory. No, there was still a third way … It is possible that I would become like my screen heroes. “
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Before the future actor went to school, his family lived in a gypsy settled camp in the village of Krylovskaya with relatives on his mother’s side. At the insistence of his father, who played the button accordion well, Nikolai studied piano at a music school, but did not graduate from it. Together with his brother, he sang in the church choir for seven years.

Following his brother Alexander, a student at the conservatory, Dobrynin went to Moscow and entered the acting department of GITIS (workshop of II Sudakova and LN Knyazeva). After the denunciation, he and his brother were almost expelled from universities for the fact that they sang together in the choir of the Novodevichy Convent. They were helped only by the intercession of Svyatoslav Richter.

Nikolai Dobrynin: “After leaving school, my brother insisted on my moving to Moscow, and I entered GITIS. He is seven years older than me, but it so happened that we became classmates in the capital at the same time. “

While studying at the university, Nikolai married a fellow student Ksenia Larina (Oksana Andreevna Barsheva), with whom he had been married for 5 years. After marriage, he combined his studies at the institute with night work in the Moscow metro, where he received the specialty of a drainer of the highest category.

Nikolai Dobrynin: “The first time I got married at the institute was my classmate. We lived together for five years and parted. It happened so. I have not seen her for many years, although I follow her career – she is a famous TV journalist. I don’t want to tell anything about our past relationships … ”.
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In 1985, after graduating from the institute, Nikolai began working in the theater under the direction of Arkady Raikin (since 1987 – “Satyricon”), where he was mainly involved in extras. Raikin tried to save the actor from the army for 4 years, but Nikolai was still drafted.

Nikolai Dobrynin: “At that moment it was impossible, he did everything he could. And here I am, having just returned from a tour in Canada – handsome, long-haired, in a fashionable sweater, I find myself in the barracks. I ask where I can take a shower, and I get in response: “On Mondays!” This is where the real hell began. I ended up in the air defense ”.
The quote is taken from the magazine “”

After serving in the army in the air defense forces, Dobrynin returned to “Satyricon”, where he began his long-term cooperation with Roman Viktyuk (for 17 years) and Alla Sigalova (for 7 years). The play “The Maids” (choreography by Alla Sigalova), staged by Viktyuk in “Satyricon”, made him famous throughout the theatrical Moscow.

In 1986, Nikolai Dobrynin made his film debut, playing in the film “The Right People”. The very next year, the role of Vitka the thief named Gavrosh in the film “Farewell, Zamoskvoretskaya punks …” brought the actor his first fame.

The role of Leva-Katsap in the film “Bindyuzhnik and the King” (1989) also became very noticeable. Among the not very numerous works of Dobrynin in the 1990s, roles in the films stand out: “Russian Ragtime” (1993), “Kings of Russian Investigation” (1996), “All That We Dreamed of for So Long” (1997) and “At Knives “(1998).

In the mid-1980s, Nikolai Dobrynin married actress Anna Terekhova, daughter of the Russian screen star Margarita Terekhova. In 1988, the couple had a son, Mikhail. The couple divorced a few years later.

Nikolai Dobrynin: “We do not communicate much with Anya, especially since it was very difficult to part. When she offered to disperse, I was indescribably painful. You never expect to be dumped. “

Since 1989, the artist has been working in the theater “The Independent Troupe of Alla Sigalova” (avant-garde dance performances performed by dramatic actors), and since 1991 – in parallel at the Roman Viktyuk Theater ( performances “Salome, or Oscar Wilde’s Strange Games”, “My wife’s name is Maurice” and others).

Dobrynin also took part in a number of entertaining performances in St. Petersburg at the Theater Center on Kolomenskaya (Maupassant in Love, Pajamas for Six).

In 2002, Nikolai Dobrynin married for the third time. His wife was the
former flight attendant Yekaterina Komissarova, whom the actor met in 1998 at a banquet after the premiere of the play “Salome” at the Roman Viktyuk Theater. In February 2008, the couple had a daughter, Nina.

Nikolay Dobrynin: “Katya really hooked me, because our relationship is a real fiery rain, it’s not for nothing that we are fire signs: I am Leo, Katya is Sagittarius. Although, I will not hide, the first thing I noticed at this banquet was her … legs. “

Since 2000, Nikolai has been actively acting in films and TV series, most often with a criminal orientation: “Rostov-papa” (2001), “Nina. Paying for Love “(2001),” The Demon of Half a Day “(2003) and others.

The role of Mityai in the TV series “Matchmakers” (season 3, 2009) revealed his comedic talent and brought him truly nationwide fame. Mityai, originally planned by the authors of the series as a minor character, was so fond of the audience that in 2011 the comedy series “Tales of Mitya” with Dobrynin in the title role was released.

In total, Nikolai Dobrynin played more than 90 roles in films and TV series, including: “Master of the Empire” (2001), “Thief” (2001), “Thief-2: Happiness for Rent” (2002), “Bridegroom for Barbie” (2003) , “Chess Player” (2004), “Blind-2” (2005), “Blood Sisters” (2006), “Citizen Chief” (2006), “Urgently to the Room” (2007), “House on the Embankment” (2007 ), “Alexander the Great” (2008), “Gromozeka” (2009), “Palm Sunday” (2009), “Beautiful Seraphim” (2011), “Matchmakers at the Stove” (2012), “Village” (2013), “ Youth “(2013),” Petr Leshchenko. Everything that was … “(2013),” HuniePop 2 “(2014),” Prisoner of the Caucasus! “(2014),” Cops from Peretop “(2014) and others.


▪ Honored Artist of Russia (19.12.2002)


First wife – Ksenia Larina (pseudonym of Oksana Andreevna Barsheva), radio journalist
Second wife – Anna Terekhova, actress
Third wife – Ekaterina Komissarova, a former flight attendant, works as an assistant director at the Roman Viktyuk theater
Son – Mikhail (1988), from her second marriage
Daughter – Nina ( February 2008), from third marriage

A family

▪ Jury Diploma at the festival “Constellation” for her role in “Russian Ragtime” (1994)
▪ Award Moscow mayor’s office in the field of literature and arts for her role in “Russian Ragtime” (1994)
▪ Audience Award actors Nikolai Dobrynin and Anna Terekhova at film festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg for the film “All that we dreamed of for so long” (1997)