Night Vision Monoculars for a Clearer Vision

Nightvision monoculars are also played a very vital role in the dark or cloudy night. You can use it for animal hunting, surveillance, camping, navigation, wildlife observation, and security. They are highly advanced gave you a better result in the dark. It provides you better or improved vision at moonlight night. These monoculars are also used in military operations or some kind of hunting operation. PVS-14-night vision monocular is a great example of that. This is highly used in military operations by the US army.

Advantages of night vision monoculars

  1. Provide better and improved vision: high-quality night vision monoculars provides improved vision while operation. Quality monoculars having IR light that magnifies the pictures and gave you closer look. This way you get better vision and close vision.
  2. Giving optical clarity: night vision monoculars gave you better optical clarity with the helping of edge to edge display resolution. Its optimum illumination gives you a fine idea about your objects with high clarity.
  3. Multiple functions: some of the night vision monoculars have multiple functions itself. PVS-14 is also an example of multifunctional night vision monoculars. With this, you can easily do the hunting, camping, scouting, hiking, surveillance, and nature watching.
  4. The ability to use it both time day and night: night vision monocular having a great feature that is versatility means it can be used for both time whether it is night or day. You can easily the distant object clearly at all times.

Types of Night Vision Monoculars

  1. Generation 1:this Gen 1-night vision monocular was invented in the 1960s time and it was very popular at that time. It contains a low magnification & lens resolution index having a price of less than $200. It is very suitable for low light viewing and good for night time animal hunting and nature camping. It covers a maximum range of 70-75 yards with 1500 hours life span.
  2. Generation 2: Gen 2 contains famous MCP plates and giving the best viewing at night. It also has great features like better resolution, better optics, and reliability. Mostly Gen 2 monoculars are expensive due to its improved lens magnification and resolution. It covers the maximum area of 200 yards easily with 5000 hours life span.
  3. Generation 3: These monoculars also have great features as compare to Gen 2. Gen 3 has contained photocathode which provides improved magnification and lens resolutions. You can easily view from 300 yards and its life expectancy counts 10,000 hours.
  4. Generation 4: Gen 4 is the most expensive night vision monoculars. These monoculars are highly useable in military operations due to its advanced features. They sold in the market at very high prices. Its advanced features provide a great experience in the night operation. But due to its cost, it is not easy to buy by every person for hunting and scouting. Gen 4 is the first choice by armed forces because it covers the maximum areas as compare to Gen3 and also having new and advanced functions.