Nic Salt Vape Juice – A guide

The vapers get many options to select between different flavours and various levels of nicotine strengths. The vaping worlds keep on moving quickly, and along with new innovations come new choices for the people who vape. Nic salt vape juice is one such innovation. 

Recently it is seen that vapers have their choice circles and vaping groups. Most people wish to have their choice of vape when it comes to personalizing the e-liquid. There is no more need to settle for giving more satisfaction with high experience. 

Let us look over this collection of salt eliquids in the nicotine options with the latest trends giving more vaping satisfaction to the vapours; nicotine salts. 

Meaning of nic salt

If you are a current nicotine user and vape it at a regular interval, you might probably be aware of its ingredient called β€œfreebase.” The freebase nicotine is mainly used as the go-to nicotine in most vape juices and nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, gums and sprays. 

Nicotine salts are similar to nicotine but have a different chemical state. This collection of salt eliquids are identical to the nicotine that is naturally present in tobacco leaf. But are you aware of the difference between two? The nic salts keep most of the jargon aside, which means the chemical structure you get is smoother juice giving more satisfaction and minor throat hit. Nic salts are absorbed differently by the body as they are taken into the bloodstream, and the absorption is much quicker than traditional freebase nicotine. The sensation of this is much closer to the sensation of smoking. 

Nic salts for smokers

Most of the smokers are making a switch to vaping than that to nic salt vape juice. The main reason behind this switch is to stop the new vapour cough. 

When anyone moves firstly from smoking to vaping, one major problem they face is cough. It is completely normal and usually disappears within a few days. This happens due to the sensation of vaping, which is entirely different from that of smoking. Any person needs some time to get used to vaping.

Nic salt and sub-ohm coils 

As discussed earlier, it is suggested to use nic salt vape juice with low wattage and higher resistance coil vape to have a safe and better experience. 

The sub-ohm vapes are designed to be used at higher powers which means they tend to produce more vapour and throat hit than others. This, in short, means you get much more nicotine per vape. 

One of the significant advantages of using nic salts is to have a smoother vape, and also, the throat hit part of vaping vanishes away. It means that if nicotine strength is high, the sensation is lost. 


These were a few details regarding nic salt vape juice and its usage and the experienced effects of using it. You must be careful regarding what you are using, how you are using it, and how your vaping results.