Nexus of Childhood and Technology

Childhood is arguably the most beautiful and memorable period of anyone’s life. Moreover, it is the most energetic period of our life. It is a very crucial time for anyone as, during this time, the minds of the children can be molded in any direction. Also, in today’s world, childhood is framed by technology to a large extent. It won’t be wrong to say that technology is driving childhood today. The daily lives of the children today are surrounded by technology. More and more research and development projects are still going on for further advancements in the technology.

This is undoubtedly the most advanced period of human civilization as far as technology is concerned. For further developments in technology, the nexus of childhood and technology is very important and significant. This mixture of childhood and technology has opened gates for various new advancements. There are various day to day examples where technology has helped in improving the quality of childhood.

School Models and Projects

Technology’s primary goal is to make human life easy and efficient. Technology that serves the humans in a good cause is always appreciable. Today, learning has been made digital. Many things like trigonometry, physical geography, space, etc. which earlier were difficult to understand, now with the help of technology can be studied on the screen in video modules. Moreover, children can even prepare their assignments and models digitally as well. Raspberry Pi is one of the products that let the children make their models easily and more realistic. These products are not much expensive but the buyers eagerly wait for the Raspberry Pi Black Friday deals to get more discounts.

Games and Sports

Video games are fun to play. Since their inception, the craze of video games among the kids is unconditional. Time to time with the changes and advancements in technology, the interest in video games has only increased as they have become even more interesting and realistic. Play Station, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch are very common names among the kids and the adults as well. Many universities and organizations that timely organize gaming tournaments regularly. Seeing this many kids pursue gaming as a career option.

Sports are also not left behind by technology. Smartwatches enable children to track their daily steps and calorie burn. Through this, they now try to keep themselves fit.

Study and Entertainment

There are umpteen number of entertainment options for the kids. From watching their favorite cartoons to their favorite Marvel or DC movie. With the web channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime offering special section to the kids, kids can now watch their favorite shows online.

Moreover, if the children want to learn a musical instrument say guitar, they can even learn that too online. From holding the guitar to playing the strings, they learn everything online.

Studying digitally is very fun. The best part is that kids don’t get bored when they are shown pictures or when the graphics are shown to them.

Looking At The Future

Like a coin, technology also has two sides, good and bad. As discussed above, technology is only productive when it positively fulfil human desires, otherwise it’s just a bane. On the other hand, kids are also very vulnerable. If they are provided and guided in the right direction, only then we can expect that they will do something productive for society in the future. As the lives of children today are driven by technology, we as adults must accept the fact that we cannot restrict them in accessing that technology.

We must guide them to use technology in a better way. They must have access to the required technology but at the same time, it is our responsibility to stop them from being robots. Childhood once is gone never come back. So, they must enjoy their childhood by making an equilibrium with technology.