Newest trends and sophisticated techniques of 2022 when it comes to digital marketing

Today we live in a world that is in constant change. Everything around us is evolving very fast, being very important the evolution of technology. The evolution of technology allows at the same time digital marketing to evolve, and when new technological tools appear, there are new tools that digital marketers can use in their strategies. New apps appear every day, new tools and new sites that can serve as part of a marketing strategy.

During last year, 2021, technology evolved more than ever, as we could not go out much yet due to the pandemic, meet with other people, and technological changes had to be made in order to be able to socialise with other people without seeing each other face-to-face.

Because of this constant change that takes place in our world every day, digital marketing is also in constant change. There are always new trends in digital marketing, and in this article we want to present you with the best trends in digital marketing for this 2022.



We have already seen that over the last years, marketing strategies have been focusing more on the client, to the point that now the client is becoming the centre of the strategy. Thanks to the progress of technology over the last years, it is very easy to offer the client a human experience. So, this 2022, marketing strategies are going to try to generate more human experiences for clients, and they are going to be more personalised and they are going to work with empathy.



The trend of storydoing is related to the trend of hyperfocusing on the client. This trend is not new, but it is getting a lot of importance this year. Nowadays, brands do not only want to tell a story, they also want the public to be part of the story and be involved in it. Storydoing strategies consist of telling a story, but also carrying out actions so that the public gets involved in the story.

We have told you that the trend of the storydoing is not new, and this is because the best storydoing strategy that has ever been done was in 2012, when Red Bull carried out the infamous jump from the stratosphere.



This may sound like a very old thing. People have been able to shop on the TV for many years now. However, this form of shopping was not very successful up until recently. Nowadays, thanks to the evolution of technology, the trend in digital marketing of shopping on the TV is becoming very popular.

There are different formats to shop on the TV. Experts think that this year 2022 is when technology is advanced enough for this trend of shoppable TV to succeed.



Past trends of advertising and promotions in digital marketing are still going to be very important this 2022. However, there are a lot of new trends related to ads and publicity this year.

One of the most important trends for this 2022 that you need to be aware of is that Facebook is going to limit the number of ads that you can have on your page. The objective is to have adverts of better quality.

Another current trend is affiliate email marketing, which is when a business or agency earns commissions through marketing for other businesses, via email marketing. They can earn money and land new clients through the relationship that these people, such as influencers or other key players, have built usually with a large audience base.

On the other hand, Tik Tok has become extremely popular during the last couple of years, especially during quarantine time – it is now one of the most popular social media networks out there. Tik Tok offers very creative and personalised forms of advertising. You should try it out this year!

Finally, Spotify, is now going to introduce video ads, which is a very innovative way of advertising for an app that is essentially dedicated to podcasts and music.



Virtual events are a new trend that has been developed during quarantine time, when we weren’t able to gather together. Nowadays, more and more virtual events are taking place. If you want to celebrate a virtual event, the most useful advice we want to give you is this: do not try to copy a face-to-face event.

Virtual events are very different from face-to-face events. If you want to celebrate a virtual event, then you need to try to create an experience that is new, that people have never experienced before, and you’ll have all the ingredients you need to make it a success.