Newborn Baby Gifts for Every Budget: Affordable and Luxury Ideas

Welcoming a baby into the world is surely a moment of joy for every family. But finding the perfect newborn baby gifts to celebrate their arrival can be a daunting task. Parenthood can be overwhelming for a lot of parents with their first-time baby. So, show your love and support to new moms and dads with a beautiful gift for the newborn baby. Since baby stores in Singapore have got a lot to offer, we expect that you may get lost and end up buying nothing.

This article summarizes a list of a variety of newborn gift sets that stay within your budget and also cheer up new parents and babies alike. So, buckle up as we are going to provide you with the best newborn gift ideas that are affordable but give a unique luxurious touch. 

Lovingly Signed

Of course, there’s nothing quite as special as the arrival of a newborn baby. So, Lovingly Signed curates a spellbinding collection of newborn baby gifts that are hard to ignore. Their gift hampers look gorgeous apparently and burst with the goodness of lovely items from the inside. With so many options available, it is hard to choose which one to gift. We have picked out our favourite baby gifts from Lovingly Signed that are affordable but also give whole luxurious vibes. 

Any new parent and baby will surely smile from ear to ear with these remarkable gifts from Lovingly Signed.

Personalized Bunny Comforters

Just the look of this Bunny Comforter will provoke you to buy it instantly. The utterly soft and velvety comforter is a must-have for every little one out there. The smooth and silky furs of this bunny make it cuddle-worthy. The mushy body of the bunny hugs a comfy blanket and you can’t help but to stare and get this snuggly comforter for your tiny one. Also, you can personalize the blanket with your baby’s name so it can be treasured forever. It is the most precious item to gift to your little one and can be passed down to generations as an heirloom. Choose this Personalized Bunny Comforter in a color of your choice and let your baby have the best partner for their sleep time. 

Personalized Jellycat Bunny

Behold! The Personalized Jellycat Bunny is something that you can’t take your eyes off. The wiggling ears, squishy soft body, and hip-hop nature make it a loyal friend of your baby as soon as they arrive. This bunny lets your baby chuckle and giggle with its mischievous little acts and it is ready to listen to some cute little ideas. This bunny sticks through thick and thin with your baby and provides the utmost sense of comfort, security, and protection. The Jellycat Bunny might be a little bashful at the start but once it meets a friend of its type, get ready for some amusing gestures all day long. Add your baby’s name to the tiny jumper of the bunny to provide additional personalization for the wee one. 

Personalized Baby Silky Cotton Blanket

And how can you not gift the best Silky Cotton Blanket on the arrival of the baby? This blanket is made of pure cotton that feels highly soft on the baby’s skin. It is beautifully knitted and features scallop edges for a unique finish. It is perfect to wrap the baby at bedtime or even during the day to protect them from the cold. Also, the size is great to be carried on the go. The Silky Cotton Blanket from Lovingly Signed completes any gift set so don’t forget to gift it!

Personalized Luxury Gingham Trim Hooded Towel

Have you ever heard of a baby not scared of the bath but enjoying it to its fullest? Well, Personalized Luxury Gingham Trim Hooded Towel from Lovingly Signed has made it possible. Its high absorbing capacity ensures a faster drying of the baby. The Gingham trim adds a luxurious touch to the towel so it is aesthetically pleasing and proves to keep your baby dry and warm. Moreover, parents can make it more enticing by adding their baby’s name.

Personalized Trixie Backpacks

Trixie Backpacks are a joy to behold! The lively animal themes will captivate your child’s attention immediately. The bag features a zipper top, one large inner pocket to hold your child’s favorite play-things, and a front pocket for essentials. The adjustable straps ensure both your and your baby’s comfort. So, get these amazing fashionable bags for the little one and boost up your style.


Newborn baby gifts from Lovingly Signed are heartwarming and complete every occasion. Check out their extensive range of gift items and purchase the best gifts for your little one. enjoy free delivery in Singapore! 

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