People from the UK do not require visas when travelling to New Zealand. If you wish to make this journey, however, iVisa can assist in applying for an ETA online and will help guide you through this process every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

Do I require an entry visa to enter New Zealand as a Singaporean national?

As a UK citizen, you’ll require an ETA visa and can easily get one online using iVisa. For requirements check click here.

What is an ETA?

A New Zealand Tourist eTa (NZ Electronic Travel Authority) is an electronic visa waiver that enables frequent entry into New Zealand without having to make appointments or present original documents at an Embassy/Consular Office.

What are the length of stay options for UK visitors visiting New Zealand with an ETA?

By applying for the New Zealand Entry Travel Authorization, visitors will be allowed a maximum stay of 90 days per entry with multiple entries into New Zealand.


What documents are needed for the application?

By using iVisa to submit an online visa application, you can reap multiple advantages. One such perk is that iVisa doesn’t require you to fulfil all prerequisites – they actually provide a shortlist of items you must complete instead; here is some information you will have to submit:

Passport – When applying online, an active passport is required in order to submit your application. Ideally, its validity should extend at least 3 months beyond your departure date from New Zealand.

Digital Photo – When selecting your passport photo, the image must be as up-to-date and meet any other requirements for passport photos.

Payment Methods When applying for an iVisa, payment must be made using either credit or debit cards or PayPal.

Email address – iVisa will deliver your visa in PDF format via email, so make sure that multiple copies are printed to ensure you have at least two.

Food and supper – Once in New Zealand, it is necessary to demonstrate that you have enough funds available to you to sustain yourself for the duration of the journey. A bank statement should suffice.

Return Flight Ticket – When arriving at an airport, it may be requested that you present a return flight ticket back to where you came from (or an alternative destination if in transit). If this ticket already exists or if one cannot be purchased immediately, proof of funds should be shown for their purchase.

As part of your character proof, if you have been found guilty of criminal acts or spent time behind bars it is necessary to provide all relevant details.

What duration of validity for an ETA?

Your ETA can be utilised for two years from its issuance date.

What is the cost and processing time associated with any transactions?

With iVisa, applicants have three processing time options that will determine their cost:

Standard Processing – Your request will be fulfilled in 4 days at an approximate cost of $92.99 (service costs included).

Rush Processing: you will receive notification of an estimated arrival time within two days and the cost for this service will be USD $146.99 (service costs included).

Super Rush Processing Super Rush processing is the fastest and most economical solution, giving you your ETA within just 30 hours and costing USD $213.99 (service charges inclusive).

Click here to start your application process.

What is an ETA and how does it function?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New Zealand recently unveiled New Zealand’s Electronic Travel Authority (eTA), providing residents of over 60 nations access to New Zealand for tourist or transit reasons and valid for two years. Applying online is quick, simple, and 100% online: once accepted you’ll get an acknowledgment with an identification reference code which must be presented upon arriving – it really couldn’t be simpler!

eVisa program provides travelers with an efficient method to apply for visas online at any location around the world. Travelers benefit from this system because visas can be requested quickly online from any point and at any place; payment can also be processed immediately through this online process.

How can I apply for a New Zealand ETA?

IVisa has made its application form for New Zealand quite user-friendly; three steps must be completed and submitted before you can submit the form. Should any assistance be needed with this process, they offer their wonderful free assistance service 24/7/365.

Step one of applying requires you to provide your personal details and choose a processing timeframe, which typically takes around five minutes.

Thirdly, revise and pay. Payment can be made using any of the options outlined above; review is essential as any error could invalidate your visa; so double-check all information supplied before proceeding.

Steps three and four involve uploading documents. iVisa provides details regarding what documents must be uploaded in each case; when complete, submit your application and await an estimated arrival time via email.

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