Are You a Bahraini Citizen Looking Forward to Travelling to New Zealand in 2022? 

In order to travel legally and receive an entry visa for New Zealand since July 2019 as a Bahraini citizen you will require an Electronic Travel Authority from New Zealand authorities for entry. 

Bahrainians who do not require visas must obtain the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority before arriving. 

All eligible travelers must apply for an eTA visa exemption before traveling. The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority was designed for foreign visitors vacationing or attending business or other important occasions in New Zealand. 

A New Zealand ETA visa for Bahrain is not mandatory but highly recommended to all Bahrain citizens who visit for any brief duration. 

This New Zealand eTA allows multiple entries during its two-year validity and allows up to 90 consecutive days of visits at any one time. Bahrain citizens holding an NZeTA can travel multiple times within 90 consecutive days without needing to apply for an ordinary New Zealand tourist visa. 

Bahrain citizens planning to extend their visit must submit a request for the visa that best meets their needs, paying only once for IVL fees during this timeframe. Now Bahrain citizens are able to access New Zealand using NZeTA (Electronic Travel Authorization), which they can get online using either mobile phones or computers.

Requirements Documents Needed by Bahrain Citizens. A valid passport or travel document to qualify for New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA). *Debit/credit cards/PayPal accounts to cover fees related to NzeTA; *an active email address so NzeTA can reach them quickly in their inbox


Taiwanese citizens can travel to New Zealand thanks to a mutual visa waiver agreement signed between Taiwan and New Zealand. 

An Electronic Travel Authorization System for an Australian or New Zealand (eTA) permit is needed in order to visit this country; however, no actual visa application process or application is needed for entry. 

Therefore, they do not require visas to visit New Zealand. Beginning October 1st of every year, Taiwanese residents must request an NZeTA before being permitted entry to New Zealand; Taiwanese nationals do not need an entry visa. 

Taiwanese visitors to New Zealand can stay for up to 90 days as tourists without incurring immigration issues through NZeTA, commonly referred to as the Electronic Travel Authority. 

It was designed to secure New Zealand borders, improve security measures and reduce illegal migration risk. 

Taiwanese citizens applying for this NZeTA have access to multiple entry points throughout its two-year validity and may stay up to 90 consecutive days per entry point. 

Tourist tax is only due once. Applying for the NZeTA is quick and simple – filling out an online form takes only about 10 minutes; applicants typically hear back within one working day that their processing time for NZeTA has begun.

Requirements of Citizens of Taiwan

* A valid Taiwan passport that will expire no later than three months following the departure date from New Zealand 

* An application form completed and an email address valid enough to receive their NZeTA * Credit/debit cards can be used as payment for IVL fees

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