New Year’s Celebrations and Traditions Through the Years

New year is the most favored as well as excitedly celebrated day of the year. As its name suggests, the festivity marks the beginning of a new year. People look forward to giving a new start to their plans, decisions, life, relationships and other things! 

Each and every culture has a unique way of celebrating it. The celebrations are really massive and people enjoy to their utmost during the events of New Year. 

About New Year:

New Year is celebrated with great zeal as well as enthusiasm by people irrespective of their religion or culture. It is observed as a national holiday and falls on January 1st every year! 

This date is marked as the first day not only in the Gregorian Calendar but also in the Julian Calendar. People intend to bring in good luck, positivity and success in the upcoming year while celebrating this great time! They meet, greet and have a feast with each other while enjoying as well as having a great time together. 

Some Historical Facts about New Year:

  • New Year’s history dates back to an unknown period and thus, it is considered amongst the oldest holidays! 
  • Till now, its exact date as well as nature is still not confirmed. This is because its dates are known to be the one changing over time.
  • According to the early Roman Calendar, March 1 was considered as the New Year. At that time, there were only ten months in the calendar. March was the first one in that! 
  • The commencement date of the New Year has been marking its existence for thousands of years. During those days, it was celebrated at the time of spring’s first day! 
  • After the invention of the Julian calendar, January 1st started being entailed as the common day for New Year. 

Celebrations during New Year: 

New Year marks the beginning of new time; thus, people enthusiastically celebrate the positive commencement. The celebrations vary from one country to another based on the customs of the people. 

During New Year’s Eve, there are many places where people wake up late at night and dance together. They see the old year out and hope for the new year to be a positive one. People are seen with high spirits during the holiday time. 

In China, children wear new clothes with the intention of celebrating the Lunar New Year. A huge parade is taken out there that is led by a silk dragon symbolising strength. People join this parade and carry lanterns along with them. Apart from that, people tend to enjoy each other! They drink champagne, have a feast, enjoy themselves with each other and have an amazing time. 

Traditions undertaken during New Year:

New Year is majorly prominent for the resolutions made by people! They decide to follow a plan and attain their goal which they thought of during the New Year. This is done with the intention of breaking bad habits and starting good ones simultaneously. 

It is entailed that the Ancient Persians used to present eggs as a New Year gift. This act was used to symbolise productiveness. Varied traditions during New Year are undertaken to fill up the upcoming year with good luck! 

The food consumed on January 1st is also somewhat related to good luck. Majority of the people in the United States consume black-eyed peas as a tradition. It is said that it is an illustration of good luck for those who eat it during New Year. 

During the midnight of New Year eve, people traditionally sing Auld Lang Syne. The song was composed in the year 1788 by Robert Burns. The name of this folk song hails with a meaning ‘time gone by’. 

Times Square- a heart-stealing celebration of New Year: 

One of the most prominent buildings worldwide is none other than New York’s One Times Square! Its New Year celebrations are worthy of glimpses since they are very beautiful and lively. The celebration for this day is held on the rooftop of this building. There is a vibrant firework display from up there making the sky as beautiful as ever! 

This interesting tradition commenced during 1904. At that time, it was facilitated for the inauguration of New York Times’s new headquarters in Times Square. The first celebration on the top of this building was done by ball dropping during December 31, 1907. 

Some Interesting Facts about New Year: 

Undoubtedly, New Year is the most interesting as well as joyous time of the year. It is associated with a good number of facts that are still unknown! Have a look at some of the below mentioned facts:

  • The Babylonians are known to be the first people who celebrated New Year 4000 years ago.
  • Until the year 2006, there was not even a single New Year which experienced the flight of a Space Shuttle. This is because its computers never had the ability to tackle a year rollover. 
  • The Gregorian Calendar is not used in North Korea. There exists a usage of a different calendar known as the Juche calendar. Its first year’s commencement was done on the birthday of Kim II Sung. He is recognized as the founder of North Korea. 
  • Some of the people of Scotland also call New Year as Hogmanay.   
  • The residents of Johannesburg, South Africa, especially those who live in small neighbourhoods collect some old gadgets. Later, they move up to the rooftops and throw them to far off streets from there. 

What’s your take on Upcoming Year (2022):

You can make new resolutions, amazing plans and set a brand-new routine. Follow them for the upcoming year and see the positive changes. I suggest you start using printable calendars. Let the New Year bring a high amount of luck as well as success for you! 

Have some good time with your loved ones and celebrate this important day like never before. Consume the delectable traditional food, have some kisses under the mistletoe. 

You can also enjoy singing the amazing New Year songs and hope for the best in the upcoming year. This is a festival of reflection and thus, you must undoubtedly hope for another great year.