New World Season One Head Start Pass Guides

Welcome to New World Guide! If you have purchased the Season One Head Start Pass, then you’re in luck because we have a great way to help you get the most out of it. With just one token, you can gain a massive boost and maximize your rewards.

New world Season 1 Pass Guides
New world Season 1 Pass Guides

Firstly, log in on the first day and purchase the Head Start Pass. After doing so, claim your 20 levels of rewards and then engage in various activities such as quests and expeditions. However, do not turn in your rewards for any of these activities until you reach level 18 on the Reward Track. This is because, at level 18, you will receive a Season XP Token that will grant you 100 Seasonal Experience for two hours.

Once you have completed all the activities you can find, use the Season XP Token you received at level 18. By doing so, your Seasonal Experience will jump from roughly 40,000 to 80,000, giving you a massive boost that will jump you up an additional 20 levels. This will give you roughly 40 levels on the first day alone!

This is a great way to get the most out of your Season One Head Start Pass. Even if you don’t plan to purchase the pass, you can still use this trick by earning the Season XP Token on the free-to-play Reward Track.

We hope that this guide has helped you maximize your rewards and get the most out of your New World experience and New World Coins. Good luck out there!


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