New Ways to Travel (and Pay Later)

Everyone secretly desires to travel and seize the many moments it lets you witness. Our daily routine makes us feel our life has become mechanical. We yearn for adventure, we seek to escape, and we crave true freedom.

We are meant to live mindfully in the present, but we often out of social conditioning, keep postponing the pleasures of life. The majority of the people have hundreds of destinations and travel plans in their mind, but many of them have to put these trips on hold because it’s not financially feasible for them at the moment.

Spending money on travelling is far more rewarding than material purchases. It makes people much happier and allows them to relive the moments through memories.

We have a piece of good news for you.  Getting the money to travel is not a problem anymore. Even when you decide to get a break at the very last moment, there are easy ways to get your last minute booking to be done.

For some, a hesitation to travel has crept in because of the increased costs of living and accommodation. The solution we are about to present covers this part too. There are ‘Pay Later Hotels’ and then there are ‘Pay Later Apps’. We’ll tell you how to make the best use of both.

These two innovative ideas are causing a silent revolution in how travel works. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling alone or in a group. There are plenty of ways you can travel now and pay later. We’ll tell you how.

Notable Features of Pay Later Hotels

Reservation in Advance

Getting a reservation now is a no-worry matter. Gone are those days where you had to pay half or part of the amount before checking in. When paying later is the most preferred mode of payment, more hotels are now shifting towards it. All you have to do now is book your desired hotel room. The reservation procedure is made peaceful with minimal steps.

Easy Planning for Future Trips

This feature is helpful for those who regularly travel, either for vacation or for work. You can now relax as pay later hotels are emerging everywhere to conveniently take care of your booking. You can easily book your hotel room on the very day you have to check-in. You can have a stress-free time during your meetings and other commitments. If you want to surprise someone by taking them on a trip for some occasion, you can use this fantastic feature to book hotel rooms.

Notable Features of Buy Now Pay Later Apps

Zero Interest

Buy now Pay Later’ (BNPL) is the most convenient method that lets you easily travel now and pay later. BNPL apps are extremely popular because most of them provide instant credit on 0% interest. You can cover your travel costs without spending any extra penny. The apps allow you to repay the borrowed credit in multiple instalments. If you are backed up by a strong credit score, you can get more funds to spend. If the app you are using is partnered with the site on which you book your tickets, you can avail of amazing discounts too.

Ease of Use

BNPL is the modern financial solution that makes the optimal use of accessible technology. They are highly customized with much emphasis placed on user experience. You can scan the QR codes at stores during your travel and seamlessly make the payment. They are built to have smooth interaction and ultimate convenience when it comes to their usage. If you have Unified Payments Interface (UPI), you can use it to make purchases through an online payment.


Every payment app now has to reward you with points or cashback. Whenever you make timely repayments, the BNPL app will reward you with points. ZeroPay is a popular BNPL app that rewards its users with Zoop points. These points carry a monetary value and when enough of them are collected, you can use them to make any purchase or to book a ticket for your next trip. Other applications have their way of rewarding their users. So with BNPL apps, making timely repayments becomes highly beneficial.

Travel is a great way to get a break from your daily mundane routine. When there is so much ease and convenience in doing it, now is the best time to enjoy it without worrying about your finances. Give it a try and go on an adventure.

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