New Trends in SEO for 2021

 SEO or search engine optimization is one of the key ways to reach consumers. It is a constantly changing field and Google has been known to continually change its algorithm. Since 2013, alone Google has gone through five different algorithm types. So, we already know that it is a constantly evolving marketing tactic. But, what will the changes coming to global advertising in the coming year be? And what will they mean for your business? How will new laws affect small-businesses and what do those laws mean for operating within their confines and still appealing to a target audience?

Here are a few changes expected to come with the New Year;

 First, Google algorithms recently unveiled their new BERT algorithm on October 25, 2019. As we look at how SEO translates to Google algorithms, we are forced to recognize how keywords can change everything about how we find information and utilize information. Google, as many already know, typically goes through multiple changes to their existing algorithm to draw up new types of results but BERT brings on a whole new level of possibility. But, what does BERT even stand for? And even more importantly, what exactly does it do? 

 BERT is really innovative because the algorithm breaks down the context of keywords within search results. What that means for SEO, is that instead of just specific keywords producing many results with the targeted words – you’ll see the search produce refined results based on the context of the keywords as placed in the search engine. However, BERT isn’t the only thing to keep in mind as the EAT module will still be very important for optimization. EAT, which means, expertise, authority and trustworthy is how a company is measured and those metrics help push it to the top of search engine results, making it easier to notice and right in customers’ faces.

 Next, we must consider how SEO marketing currently translates to user experiences and what that means for the consumer. Since a lot of companies are trying to curtail user issues, we’ll be seeing more SEO catered to customer appeal. With this in mind, companies will need to cater keyword usage to user-friendly and less technically intimidating.

Mobile SEO is also something that will be expanding in the new year. Because so many customers are using their smartphones for business and pleasure alike, it will be crucial for companies to produce materials to reach their audiences via this platform to keep up with the competition. With just mobile SEO on the table, we’re forced to recognize how many people use voice-to-text searching and what that will mean for mobile devices. Statistics are showing that growth in speaker searches is also going to increase because of devices such as Alexa by Amazon, Echo Dot, and Google Home – since all of these things are mobile devices capable of being used to search for information, businesses will want to cater their SEO tactics to suit their needs. As it stands right now, these devices will bring up information but it is convoluted and difficult to sort through. Some statistics are even stating that fifty percent of online searches will be done using voice-based searches in the coming year, which means having content that can pop up when those searches are made is going to be critical for business owners to stay at the top of search page results in every facet possible.

 Finally, SERP marketing and Content Diversification. For many years now Google has been working diligently to become a place rather than just a source. It has been Google’s mission to create an algorithm to answer any questions in a user-friendly format that is simple to use and yet effective. SERP marketing brings in all aspects of marketing by considering other elements of importance, such as reviews, information, and frequently asked questions. A regularly updated blog and fresh content can also help you to bring your content to the top of SERP. For this very reason it’s important that your content is unique and informative and it’s best to seek help from a professional content writing company like GoSuperb in order to publish the best content possible. 

 Lastly, let’s touch on political issues that could cause issues when it comes to SEO. For example, many large companies will face crushing taxes under changes to the law such as Brexit, which is requiring companies move their business back onshore to Britain, or the United States’ new burdensome tax laws that will force many companies to move offshore to evade the financial chaos that may come from these new taxes. Situations like this will require companies to select an offshore host that is both reputable and capable, and who knows how to utilize search engine optimization to drive traffic to those companies.

 As you can see, many of these things could bring drastic changes to the global marketing climate, but small businesses may be particularly affected due to the way keywords are being changed. For example, while BERT may be great in some ways, keywords being used in a way that is individual to context might only show larger companies and steal some of the limelight away from those smaller mom and pop and bricks and mortar companies. Then there is the possibility of having a Google sanction placed on your website because you have violated something you were not aware had changed. If something like that were to occur, then the company’s search results would likely be bumped down tremendously, and most business owners already know that consumers are more likely to select a company based on the first page of search results offered to them. And, sadly, dilemmas like this can make or break a small business, and excessive fines, shutdowns on websites, and blocks can all be very burdensome. 

 However, there are some great ways to combat this, such as offshore hosting. But, what is offshore hosting? Offshore hosting, is when your data is hosted in a different country other than your own and it benefits any company who desires to host an adult content themed page (adult novelties, toys, publications, etc.), who wish to utilize freedom of speech, and for those who do not want their identities shared with the public. An offshore host does operate within the confines of the laws that are applicable in their country and make it possible for businesses to flourish. You can read through a few hosting review articles before settling to the best hosting provider

When it comes to SEO, there are some key aspects that you need to take into consideration before even making the website. There are a lot of articles that can help you create your website step-by-step. You can also read through them to see if you’ve missed something right from the beginning that’s holding back your whole website to appear on the top of search results. 

 In summary, I believe a shift in the way that businesses and consumers look at SEO and because of how much easier it will be for the customer experience, I am certain that there will be no features that come into play when consumers choose companies. These include the credibility of the source, the brand’s reputation, and how the flow of keywords works in conjunction with driving metrics. However, certain things will likely remain as they are such as AS, DR and DA metric indicators. However, it will not be only websites that consumers are drawn to but the overall transparency and approach of the companies they search for and the companies who desire to reach them.