New Smile; Who’s This? The Top 6 Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the aesthetics of the teeth and gums. It can serve functional purposes as well but its main priority is to make the teeth and gums look better.

Are you interested in learning more about cosmetic dental treatments? Then you’re in the right place.

Not only are we going to cover some of the most popular treatments in existence, but we’re also going to discuss some of the benefits of cosmetic dental care. Let’s go!

1. They Help to Whiten Your Teeth

Wish you had whiter teeth? You don’t have to wish anymore! All you have to do is undergo a teeth whitening procedure.

This is a procedure in which a gel is applied to the teeth. This gel is then hardened in place, brightening the teeth by several shades.

Now, teeth whitening isn’t going to transform bright yellow teeth into bright white teeth. But it will take slightly stained teeth and give them a white glow. This makes it a great choice for before wedding or job interviews or the like.

2. They Help Your Smile Look Complete

Unless you play hockey, having a missing tooth isn’t the greatest look. Fortunately, there’s something that can be done about a missing tooth. In fact, there are a few different cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help to make your teeth look more whole.

If you’re missing a tooth entirely, you can undergo a dental implant. This involves having a permanent synthetic tooth inserted into your gums and jaw bone.

There are other options available as well, including dental bridges and dentures. These are more appropriate for situations in which several or all of the teeth are missing.

Have a chipped tooth? There are cosmetic dental options for those too. For instance, you could put a crown on your tooth. You might also need to have the inside of the tooth drilled out. This would be a precursor to a crown.

3. They Make Your Teeth Straight

In our society, crooked teeth are considered to be less aesthetically pleasing than straight teeth. As such, if you want your teeth to look as nice as possible, you need them to be straight.

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can help to straighten teeth. Orthodontics, in particular, deal with shifting and readjusting the teeth so that they fit perfectly together in the mouth.

There are all sorts of orthodontic devices that you can use to help straighten your teeth, from traditional metal braces to ceramic braces to clear Invisalign braces and more.

You can receive orthodontic treatment as soon as your adult teeth start to grow in (in your tween or teen years). However, there are adult orthodontics services available as well.

Most orthodontic treatment takes between 1 1/2 and 2 years. Once the teeth have been adjusted, they can be held in place with the sporadic use of a retainer. So, if you’re interested, call up your local orthodontist and get an appointment schedule now!

4. They Facilitate a More Natural Bite

A lost or chipped tooth doesn’t just affect aesthetics. It affects the functionality of the teeth as well. In particular, it affects the bite, causing the teeth to come down at misaligned and awkward angles.

But by undergoing cosmetic dental care, you can restore lost and chipped teeth, allowing your bite to return to normal. This has numerous benefits.

For one, a proper bite prevents joint issues. If the teeth aren’t coming together in a proper manner, they can cause chronic and long-term pain. Restoring a tooth prevents this from happening.

There’s also the issue of jaw clicking. This is when the bones in the face rub together in an inappropriate manner, causing a clicking sound. It’s most commonly heard during chewing.

Again, cosmetic dental procedures can help prevent this from occurring.

5. They Help You to Speak

Make no mistake, lost and chipped teeth affect your ability to speak. Your tongue and mouth get used to saying words in a certain way. Once the teeth are affected, the tongue and mouth can have trouble adjusting; speech impediments are a common result.

Fortunately, you can combat speech impediments with the use of cosmetic dentistry. Whether it’s by inserting a new set of dentures, having a synthetic tooth implanted in your gums, or otherwise, there is a procedure that can help you.

Call up your dentist and discuss your options. He or she will have you schedule an appointment at which your chosen method of cosmetic dentistry will be facilitated.

6. They Help Stop Decay

Tooth decay is an insidious thing. Before you even know it exists, it can damage everything from the teeth to the gums to the jawbone that’s underneath those gums. The good thing is that there are a number of different cosmetic dental procedures that can help to fight tooth decay.

Dental implants, for example, can help. They block bare areas on the gums, preventing decay from spreading.

Crowns and veneers also have an effect, as they prevent bacteria from making their way into gaps inside of the teeth. If they aren’t inserted, bacteria have free rein over the teeth and can do serious damage in a short amount of time.

So, while, yes, cosmetic dentistry makes a huge difference in the look of the teeth, it makes an even bigger difference in the quality and health of the teeth.

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Cosmetic Dental Treatments Can Make a World of Difference

Whether you’re missing teeth, have discolored teeth, have chipped teeth, or otherwise, cosmetic dental treatments can make a world of difference. They’ll return your teeth and gums to their prime aesthetics, and might even enhance their functional capabilities as well.

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