New Security Features in iOS 14 are About to Roll Out after the iOS 15 Launch — Confirmed by Apple

After a long wait, Apple finally released iOS 15 on September 20 in the global market. With this iOS launch, Apple introduced three new iPhone models — iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Mini. All these iPhone 13 series come with the next-generation iOS 15 version. Moreover, the developers have added high-end security features in the ultra-advanced iPhones. Apple has focused on preventing zero-day attacks with the iOS 15 security updates.

Additionally, after updating to iOS 15, users can hide the IP address from hackers. Keep your mail encrypted with the “Mail Privacy Protection” feature. Secure sensitive business data by activating the two-factor authentication feature. Siri will now process the audio request directly in the iOS and iPadOS devices. Thus, iPhone users get a hefty benefit by switching from iOS 14 to iOS 15.

Apple unveiled that the iPhone 12 users can stick to its current OS. However, there is no need to update the device software immediately. So, enhance the security of the device by opting for an instant iOS 14 security update.

When Will Apple Launch the Latest iOS 14’s Security Features?

Apple didn’t yet confirm when the users can update the existing security features. But, during the WWDC event, the developers made a few statements about iOS 14. Based on that, it can be expected that these features might be included after the initial iOS 15 launch.

Furthermore, Apple announced that new security features are lined up in iOS 14. With these features, users can prevent unwanted data breaches. Are you unable to use the iOS 14 features? Contact the iPhone repair service experts and get instant recovery.

Due to these COVID-19 rules, people had to wear face masks to protect themselves. And, this made it difficult to unlock the iPhone with Face ID. Apple added a new device unlocking feature in iPhone and Apple Watch.

So, you don’t have to remove the masks to make Face Time calls. Do you use the iPhone 6s or iPhone 8? Then, you won’t be able to use this new security feature of iOS 14. Because Apple has made this feature accessible to the iPhone X and later versions.

How to Automatically Get Security Updates in iOS 14?

Earlier iPhone owners used to face compatibility issues for not updating the OS. But, after the introduction of iOS 15, iOS 14 users won’t face such a problem. Moreover, you can continue using the iOS 14 apps like Fantastical or Spark Email. Do you use Halide Mark II to capture the perfect shot? Apple confirmed that these apps would also work in iOS 14 after the iOS 15 launch.

As per reports, once iOS 15 is released, iOS 14 users will get an automatic update option. Don’t tap on that option if you want to stay in the current OS version. Apple has also updated the “Settings” app in iOS 14. Earlier, there was only the option to update the iOS software in the ‘General” tab.

But now, users will get an additional option for the security update. Toggle on the “Install Security Updates” option from the “Automatic Updates” option. And, consider disabling the “Download New Updates” option from this section.

How long does iOS 14 take to Complete the Security Updates?

 Currently, 85% of iPhones have the latest iOS 14 version. After the security updates, this percentage might even increase more. Moreover, iOS 14 takes less than 10 minutes to finish the security updates. Earlier, iPhone users spent more than 30 minutes on the iOS 13’s security update.

The iOS 15 security update installation can be completed in 20-30 minutes. But, it might take longer if the internet connection is not stable. So, make sure to check the Wi-Fi strength before starting the security updates for iOS.

Additionally, there should be at least 5 GB of storage space in the iPhone. Don’t opt for the security update when the device is charging. It might overheat the iPhone and damage its battery. Or else, the users will face interruptions during the security update. As a result, you will end up buying a new iPhone 12 Pro battery within a year. So, ensure that the security update doesn’t get stuck in the middle.

What are the Security Issues associated with iOS 13?

Apple reported that many iOS 14 users have switched to iOS 15 recently. Not because they were getting security vulnerabilities. But, to explore what is new to this new iPhone operating system. However, if you are using iOS 13, it’s recommended to switch to iOS 14. Because many users reported that the iOS 13’s security features exposed the user data.

A few users faced battery drainage issues after the iOS 13 update. Moreover, users can get random pop-ups after enabling these security features. Did you know iOS 13 doesn’t allow the “Always Allow” option to turn off? Yes! So, the application can track the user’s location continuously.

Even the third-party apps will get the camera permission automatically. And, these caused a major security concern for the iOS 13 users. So, minimise the security risks and use the iPhones safely with iOS 14.

Why Should You Stick to iOS 14?

Well, iOS 15 was released two weeks ago, and users have already found security flaws in it. Moreover, Apple didn’t provide any solution to fix these problems. But, these solutions might not always work to prevent security issues. Make sure no one has access to your Apple ID or App Store.

Thus, the developers requested the users to stay on iOS 14 until these issues are resolved. Moreover, you might need an iOS 14 app to perform the task. If you update the OS, that app won’t work there. So, remember these factors before taking any further steps.

Even the iOS 14 accessories won’t work on the iOS 15 devices. This is another problem you will face after the iOS update. Though, Apple declared a new Share Play feature in FaceTime. But, the developers didn’t yet add this screen share feature. Thus, it will be better to wait for a few months until the SharePlay feature makes its way.

What are the New Built-In Security Features of iOS 14?

Apple has received massive appreciation after adding the iOS’s security features. And, one of them is its “Privacy Report” option. With this feature, the users can prevent hackers from tracking every detail.

Apple has planned to launch an App Privacy feature in the next iOS 14 security update. Do you know what will be the purpose of this security feature? It will help iPhone users to know what the third-party apps do with the collected data. Moreover, you will get the list of malicious websites that you have recently visited.

Additionally, you can now protect the Clipboard app-related information from online criminals. But, make sure to enable the new clipboard notification feature for that. Enhance the web security with the “Use Private Address” feature from the Settings. Opt for setting a secure password by selecting the“Security Recommendations” option. And, if any of these security features aren’t working, take professional help immediately.

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