New Pokémon Snap, a true retro enthusiasts dream

It’s hard to imagine that Pokémon Snap is already more than twenty years old. This instant classic was released on the Nintendo 64 back in 1999 and won over the hearts of many Pokémon fans and casual gamers alike. The game proved to be oddly therapeutic but also had a certain difficulty that prevents people from just rushing through the game. It has been a collector’s item ever since, albeit an affordable one. With the release of the new game, many older gamers are playing through the original one before diving into this one, be it with their own children or just for a fun trip down memory lane.

While the old game had a fairly basic plot and foundation, the new game tries to add a bit of a layered storyline to the experience. This will make it more engaging and modern, compared to the 1999 original. Do not be mistaken, this game will be nothing like the recently release Pokémon Sword and Shield games, but will be a spin-off, offering totally different gameplay mechanics. This is somewhat the same as the Mystery Dungeon series, that is also not the same experience as the base series. This means that you’d better do some  research before sinking your teeth into this one if you’re not familiar with how the Snap games work. There are some independent gaming sites who will take a look at this game without tinted glasses, however, making sure that younger fans, or those who got into Pokémon because of Niantic’s mobile game, will get an unbiased review. This is very important for a full priced game, especially for gamers with a smaller budget.

This time, you’ll be investigating strange new islands where the Illumina phenomenon has been discovered. This causes some Pokémon to have a special glow, and you’re called in to properly investigate the matter. In the end, you’ll also be able to save, edit and share your favorite pictures of your (slow-paced) adventures. Those who originally had the game, and wish to find it again, can always look online and visit specialized Retro shops hoping to snag a copy for themselves. These shops often also have the actual console on offer, making it easy for you to find your inner child again. That being said, the game is very much a love-or-hate experience, as it’s a niche title that does expect you to replay levels a lot if you wish to progress. Then again, even in real life, taking that perfect snapshot will not be such an easy task.