See what new labor agreement can be used for

Australian government offers many visas to skilled individuals from all around the globe to come and work in Australia. Inviting these skilled people to come to Australia and work there can contribute towards the economic growth and prosperity of Australia. As Australia is striving to be at the front of the world’s economic scene it is in a constant need for talented people in every field. It is also stressing on some fields that are expected to be emerging fields in the future. Australia needs people who are trained in these fields. That is why it is encouraging its citizens to train in these future-focused fields and also inviting talented people from around the planet to work for the betterment of Australia.

In this context, many visas are offered. One of these visas is temporary skill shortage visa subclass this article we will discuss the labor stream of this visa and the new horticulture labor agreement.

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Temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482

A temporary skill shortage visa is a temporary visa that allows an employer to sponsor a skilled worker from outside Australia on a condition if that particular talent is not available in Australia at that time.

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What is a labor agreement?

Labor agreement enables an eligible employer to sponsor labor from oversea only if the local Australian labor market is unable to fulfill the need.

What can the new horticulture industry labor agreement be utilized for?

The new horticulture labor agreement can prove to be a pathway to Australian permanent residency. Following are the way that leads to Australian PR through labor agreement:

  • Sponsor skilled individuals from outside Australia under temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482 in 31 approved occupations
  • For permanent residency, workers can be sponsored under-skilled employer-sponsored regional visa subclass 494. Under which after three-year permanent residency can be applied through subclass 191.
  • Permanent residency can also be applied under the employer sponsor visa subclass 186 after the completion of the transition period.

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