New Designs by Shay Jewelry: New Ways to Wear Our Signature Pieces

‍Today’s accessories lovers have a hunger for new ways to wear their favorites. The rise of statement earrings, neck chains, bracelets and rings has given us fresh opportunities to layer and combine our favorite pieces with fresh accents. With that in mind, we’re introducing new designs by Shay Jewelry this fall. These new pieces are crafted from original raw materials like leather and metal or updated shapes such as the inverted teardrop. The result is an expanded range of styles for all seasons that let you wear your favorite pieces in new ways every day.

Shay Drop Earrings

You may have seen the drop earrings floating around on Instagram and Pinterest, but these are our own design. We’ve taken classic earring shapes and turned them upside down to create a refreshingly new style. The inverted teardrop shape is the perfect new way to wear your favorite statement earrings without getting bored. We love layering ours with a dainty hoop or stud earring for a look that’s feminine, modern and fun.

Shay Leather Wrap Bracelet

Sometimes all you need is a simple, effortless touch to complete your look. Like this leather wrap bracelet by Shay Jewelry, which brings a cool, feminine edge to any outfit. This wrap bracelet features two strands of soft leather and wraps around the wrist like a cuff.

The tough, masculine material is softened by the delicate lace that covers the polished silver buckle and provides an undeniably sweet detail. The long strap can be wrapped twice for a looser fit or worn as one long cuff with no closure needed. The Shay Leather Wrap Bracelet is now available in stores and online at for $48.”

Shay Metal Bangle

One of our favorite new designs is the metal bangle. This piece is a chic and updated take on the traditional bangles we’ve been making for years. We thoughtfully shape the metal to create a seamless, uninterrupted line that wraps around your wrist. The result is a sophisticated and modern bangle with a comfortable fit. The design of our metal bangles allows them to be worn solo or in a stack with other bracelets. This versatility makes them perfect for any outfit or occasion. Whether you wear this piece by itself for an elegant look or layer it for more texture, you can’t go wrong!

One of our new designs by Shay Jewelry is the Chain Link Bracelet. With three delicate chains and a polished metal clasp, this bracelet can be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets in different styles. It’s versatile enough to style with any look, from dressy to casual. The Chain Link Bracelet makes an elegant addition to your arm candy collection! The Chain Link Bracelet comes in six colors: gold, silver, rose gold, black, pink and turquoise.

Shay Teardrop Earrings

We believe that the best way to wear jewelry is in an effortless, subtle way. We set out to design pieces that can be worn every day or for a special occasion and look just as beautiful either way. That’s why we created our signature teardrop earrings. It’s one of our favorite pieces because its simplicity makes it easy to wear.

You can get creative with how you wear your teardrop earrings: Wear them crossed at the back of your neck like a choker, layered with other necklaces, or even make them the focal point of your outfit by wearing them long on one side of your neckline.

Shay Rope Chain Bracelet

The Shay Rope Chain Bracelet is a perfect example of our updated shapes. We used leather and metal to create the rope in this design, then added gold-plated accents to highlight the beauty of the leather. The Shay Rope Chain Bracelet is great for layering with other bracelets or alone on a night out. It also complements all styles of necklaces nicely, so you can wear it with your favorite statement necklace or choker style.

Shay Disc Studs

Shay Jewelry’s new Shay Disc Studs are a modern twist on the iconic disc earring. Each stud features a square cut gemstone, which is both wearable and versatile. The stud can be worn with the stone facing up or down, allowing you to wear it as an elegant statement earring or an understated accent. Made in 18 karat gold plate or sterling silver, these studs are perfect for those who love understated jewelry. Check out the video below to see how they look on!

Shay Infinity Ring

One of our favorites from the new line is the Shay Infinity Ring. It’s a fresh twist on one of our best-selling pieces, Shay’s iconic infinity ring. This updated version features a simple, contemporary design that makes it easy to wear in your favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt combo or dressed up with a sleek evening gown.

The ultimate versatile accessory, these rings can be worn in two ways: reversed (like a traditional eternity band) or with the two ends overlapped without touching. To change how you wear it, simply flip it over. With this new design, we are giving fashion lovers even more opportunities to layer and combine their favorite pieces and create new styles for all seasons.

Shay Dome Ring

One of our newest designs is the Shay Dome Ring. The dome is a timeless shape that feels both modern and classic. It’s a playful take on the traditional dome earring and we can’t wait to see how it’s styled.

Final Words

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