New CCTV Security Camera Technology Can Help You Keep Your Home Safer Than Ever

Keeping your home or business safe is extremely important. Knowing that your possessions and loved ones are secure and protected is a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. What’s especially frightening is that the majority of security systems use outdated technology. By upgrading your technology you’re able to keep your property safer by acting as a deterrent, catch any criminal activity so the police can catch and convict the criminals as well as determining whether an alarm is legitimate or accidentally triggered. In this article I’ll explore why alarm verification technology in combination with CCTV cameras is the greatest new innovation in personal security and how you can gain all the benefits mentioned above.

Alarm Verification Technology:

The newest technological advance in security and protection is alarm verification. Alarm verification is motion detectors built into your CCTV cameras enable you to detect when someone illegally enters your property, and will automatically take a series of photos of the criminal. What’s great about this technology is that your security hosting provider is able to immediately check these photos to see if the alarm is real or was a false alarm, as well as knowing exactly what the situation is immediately. The police, as well as you, are notified in an extremely short time.

This technology improves the number of break-ins that are caught and convicted. Having CCTV cameras is also a great deterrent for criminals due to the video/photo element. Regular motion detectors do not have inspire the same level of fear in criminals weighing up whether they should break into your property. You are able to use an app on your phone as well so you can view your cameras at any time. If you own a business and are currently paying for security guards, alarm verification technology can cut your cost of security down dramatically.

What Is The Value Of This Technology:

Monetary Cost:

It will deter any criminals considering breaking in, or will provide evidence to catch and convict thieves so you are able to keep your valuable possessions protected. The cost of these alarm systems and monitoring pays for itself by keeping your valuables safe.

Emotional Cost:

Going to sleep knowing that you and your family are not safe is extremely stressful and negatively impacts your health. It is very important to feel safe in order to be a happy and productive human.

I would highly recommend upgrading your security to CCTV security cameras with alarm verification latest technology to receive all the associated benefits I’ve discussed.