New age technologies used to propel business

Using external, managed benefits technology is an increasingly popular way to deliver employee benefits, and has seen a surge in 2020 that will continue in 2021 and beyond.

This new age approach to managing employee benefits offers the type of flexibility that is critical as HR teams and managers adapt to the huge increase in remote working. Allowing a simple, personalised interface where employees can view their benefits is key to takeup of the items on offer. Despite being forced into this new way of working, without prior preparation, people adapted well. In fact, it was a month into working from home when we carried out a quick pulse-check with my team of more than ninety people, and the results were mostly positive. Remote work, it seems, is here to stay. And, we foresee the flexibility and convenience of remote work influencing major career and lifestyle decisions in the future.

Valuing staff

Many businesses have found that using a customisable benefits platform has helped to reassure staff and make them feel supported during uncertain times. Investment in this technology sends a clear message that employees are valued and that their company is committed to implementing new benefits options that support their current and future circumstances.

The reason so many businesses opt for total reward communications can be attributed to the fact that they instil a sense of overall value, allowing staff to view their complete package and appreciate the extra investment that goes into improving their overall experience.

Seamless implementation

Data security is an important issue, but not one that you need to worry about when using advanced employee data security measures such as two-factor authentication and data encryption. These developments mean that clients can have complete peace of mind in using an outsourced platform. Data is used responsibly to provide useful information about preferences that can assist in planning new schemes and rewards.

Concerns around a long setup process or difficult integration have been significant issues in the past. However, it’s possible to set up the Zest benefits portal in under two months, with minimal disruption to your existing processes.

The Zest employee benefits platform works hard to engage employees with their benefits, any time, anywhere, any place. Whilst powerful automation removes the burden of administration, puts you in complete control and dramatically brings down costs.

Targeted communication

Personalised communications are critical for a business that wants to speak authentically to its employees. Staff immediately disengage from messages that are irrelevant or poorly targeted. Using benefits technology can ensure that not only the right groups receive the right information, but that everyone can respond and interact when they need to. Using an insight module can be invaluable for:

• Tracking usage
• Identifying the devices that are being used to access the system
• Seeing how much time is spent in the system
• Understanding the messages that create the most buzz

Global connectivity

For global organisations and businesses, the ability to use one system to manage employee benefits across different time zones will continue to be a major time and cost saver. For staff, feeling connected across continents has always been a challenge. Being part of a system that links to other staff working in disparate locations, but with common purposes, can be reassuring and add to the confidence instilled by working towards a common goal.

As we work in new ways, as responsibilities and outcomes adapt to the new normal, technology is able to provide some stability for everyone.