Never Hire An Appliance Repair Service Without Asking These Questions

Appliances are the human-friendly machines we daily use in our houses. Some of them are constantly used while others are only used occasionally. There are many of them and almost all of them are equally important.

The irony is that we only notice their presence or usefulness when they are no longer working. And our instinct is to call an appliance repair company right away or ping a nearby handyman for fixing it. This is not a safe practice not only because an unprofessional can cause more harm than good to your appliance but he/she may be after your money.

Every appliance has its lifespan and some of them break more often than others. The best approach is to search for an appliance repair service in Thousand Oaks CA before you need it. While there are many companies out there, never hire any of them without asking these questions. After all, it’s about your safety.

1.      Do You Have A License?

Start with the most important question and you can save a lot of time. Any appliance repair company coming to your house must have a proper license required by the state. Most appliance manufacturers provide certifications to the repair companies that are authorized to handle the appliances they make. It’s best to check these certifications and licenses. 

2.      Is Your Company Currently Insured?

Being sure about the insurance is downright essential. Ask if the company has adequate insurance coverage in place to cover themselves while on the job. Get proof of the current insurance policy. Even the best technicians can fail or injure themselves. Make sure the company provides insurance for any accidents at the workplace so that you are not held responsible for liabilities.

3.      How Long Have You Been In Business?

Once you are sure about the legal compliance of the company, probe about their industry experience. Keep in mind that years of service and the kind of experience both matter. If you are hiring a company that has been in business for more than 50 years but specializes in refrigerators, you are less likely to benefit from them in case of a faulty washer. If you have warranties on your appliances, make sure you are hiring a company that can handle the repairs without voiding the warranties. 

4.      Do You Have Any References?

The best appliance repair services have many references to back up their reputation. Be sure to ask for them. The best ones provide the contact details of some of their previous customers. Take out some time to contact them and ask them about the experience they had.

It could be another way round as well. Ask your friends and family members if they have recently hired an appliance repair service. Online reviews and testimonials are also very helpful in getting an insight into the quality of service.

5.      Is There Any Warranty?

Not all of the companies provide warranties for their work but it’s best to inquire about it before they work for you. If there are any warranties, don’t forget to ask about the conditions that void them. If you want to enjoy peace of mind even after the technicians have left your house, prefer a company that stands behind their work.

If you know the answer to all of the above-mentioned questions you don’t have to think about the qualifications of the technicians, it’s a given.

6.      What Do You Charge for Your Services?

Don’t forget to request estimates from different Appliance Repair Services in Thousand Oaks CA and compare them. Find a company that suits your budget as well.