“Never Have I Ever” Rules

The COVID 19-pandemic has influenced people’s lives in many ways, including how we decide
to spend our free time. Our findings highlight the importance of playing games online and the
positive essence of games’ effect on our well-being and mental health.

One of such games is “Never Have I Ever”- a funny and safe game for family and friends,
especially during the pandemic. It is a great chance to better learn about each other. Based on the
“Never Have I Ever” questions you may find out more interesting and intriguing facts about
people you think you knew well. The main objective of the game itself is to speak all the truth
about what you have not done before. Now let’s look at some significant rules we should take
into consideration, while playing the game:

Never Have I Ever” Rules
We should focus on two main ways to play the game. The rules of playing it depend on your age
and things that you are comfortable with. You have the right to choose the game and questions
that would fit for you and your friends or family. As you know the “Never Have I Ever” game
may also be played online. This online game is a good choice during that period of time, when
everyone’s trying to stay home. There may be as many participants as you wish and there are
various game options. You are given a “Never Have I Ever” question, which you should answer
with “Yes, I have never done it” or “No, I have already done it”. The rules are pretty simple to

Such entertaining games may build new relationships, as well as friendships. There are several
versions of the game, which you may play online:
“The Drinking Game”
There should be at least five participants in the game. As drinking is involved in that version of
the game, all of the participants should be of legal age. You may have as many participants as
you wish. However, if you have more than 10 players, it would be better if you split the group
into several small groups of fewer players. In addition to this, you should make sure everyone’s
having the same amount of drink. Every player has a choice of what they prefer to drink. You
may play with wine, beer or liquor.
The next step is to choose a volunteer to go first. In the drinking game the things participants say
seem to be more risque than in other versions of the game. The first participant says “Never
Have I Ever…” and then tells something he/she has never done before. In case if you have done
what the first participant has nor done, you have to take a shot of your drink.

Go on for the next participant. The next player-the participant to the left of the first
player-usually takes the turn. He/she says something they have never done, using the phrase
“Never Have I Ever”. Those participants who have done that certain thing, take a shot. You
should make the first participant take a shot in case nobody else does. If the player can not get
anyone to drink, it means that the participant is the only player who has done that thing, which is
followed by taking a shot. Make sure you repeat the procedure until only one participant has
his/her drink left. The game seems to come to the end once only one participant has any of the
drink left; that means that player wins the game. You may play the game online, using multiple
online interactive platforms.

Never Have I Ever Questions
Here is the list of some interesting “Never Have I Ever” questions, which you may use while
playing the game online. To make sure the game is exciting, we provided “Never Have I Ever”
most frequently used questions:

  1. Never Have I Ever stolen anything
  2. Never Have I Ever lost money
  3. Never Have I Ever cheated on someone
  4. Never Have I Ever been on a blind date
  5. Never Have I Ever gotten lost
  6. Never Have I Ever used a fake ID
  7. Never Have I Ever used someone’s toothbrush
  8. Never Have I Ever kissed someone in a public place
  9. Never Have I Ever lied to a boss
  10. Never Have I Ever smoked marijuana
  11. Never Have I Ever lied to my best friend
  12. Never Have I Ever met someone popular
  13. Never Have I Ever missed a plane
  14. Never Have I Ever lived alone for a long time
  15. Never Have I Ever regifted my gift
  16. Never Have I Ever bullied someone
  17. Never Have I Ever been bullied by a classmate
  18. Never Have I Ever ate the whole pizza just by myself
  19. Never Have I Ever made a speech in front of public
  20. Never Have I Ever had sleep problems, like insomnia

With “Never Have I Ever” questions, you can discover more embarrassing things about one
another. Make sure you ask the questions wisely; avoid asking intensely private and intimate
questions to people you just met.

It doesn’t matter what kind of game you are playing, try to have fun. No one is going to have fun
when the questions are too dark, aggressive or confusing. Don’t forget that the main aim of the
game is to learn more about your friends, family members or even a partner. That’s why, have
some fun and don’t make “Never Have I Ever” questions too difficult or uncomfortable to
answer. Be nice to every player. You may use the above-mentioned “Never Have I Ever”
questions and, for sure, create your own questions.

For example, let’s take one player, who says something that he/she has not done before: “Never
Have I Ever stolen anything”. And if you have truly stolen something from the supermarket, then
you lose your points. From the beginning of the game you have 10 points and when you don’t
have any point by the end of the game, you are out. The last participant with more points left
seems to win the game. The rules are simple, just be fair, honest and genuine towards other
participants the way you want to be treated.