Netchex Review – Worth Using or Not?

It’s not difficult to find online payroll softwareon the internet. Numerous companies have developed such tools and programs that facilitate companies in managing payroll. However, the tough part is finding the best one. It can be a real struggle to choose the best out of the lot that is worth your money and suits your business operations.

Netchex is one such program that claims to streamline your business’s payroll management. Want to find out whether they remain true to their claim or not? Read this in-depth review to find out:

Netchex – An Introduction

To begin with, Netchex is a program that is developed with the purpose to streamline HR and payroll related operations. Although its basic purpose is payroll management, it can be used to perform several other business operations. It has proven to be an effective way for companies to automate their operations.

Netchex – The Positives

Let’s first take a look at some of the positive aspects of using Netchex:

Multi-Purpose Program

Unlike other payroll software solutions, Netchex is a multi-purpose program. You can do much more than merely managing payroll. It facilitates companies that are looking for recruiting, learning and attendance management apart from other operations. The best part here is that you do not need multiple logins to use different features. Just a single login can be used to access all these features.

Suitable for Every Company

Netchex is not just a small business payroll software.It can be used by medium and large-sized companies as well. It has enough capacity to handle tons of data in an efficient manner. Furthermore, every company, irrespective of its nature, can use this software and obtain its benefits.

Customized Pricing Plan

There are different pricing plans available for companies to choose from. These plans vary vis-à-vis features and functions. However, the added benefit here is that it offers a customized pricing plan facility as well Electronic Diary Inventor. Companies that opt for a dynamic plan will only have to pay for the features they use. This feature makes Netchex a cost-effective and budget-friendly option.

Demo Available

Another remarkable feature of Netchex is that it provides users with a free demo. This can help you to know if the software offers utility for your business or not before making the payment. This feature can save you from a lot of trouble if you have made payment for a payroll program and later found out that it wasn’t worthy of being used.

Netchex’s demo provides users with an overview of all its features. This way, you can develop a better understanding of the whole software and decide which features you require for your business.


Netchex is a user-friendly program that comes sans any complexities and complications. You don’t have to be a tech expert to use this software because of its easy interface. This is another feature that makes it the best choice for companies looking to automate their operations.

Portal for Employees

Netchex has not only made it easy for payroll managers to streamline the entire process but has also bridged the gap between admins and employees. It has a portal that can be accessed by employees as well to know about their salary and other details pertaining to it.

The Drawback

Although the software scores almost 10 on 10 for every feature, there’s one thing that’s lacking. There are many other payroll software programs that allow business owners to get in touch with experts in the industry and gain their consultancy. There’s no such feature available in Netchex. With the inclusion of this particular feature, Netchex can surely be expected to become the best payroll software.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, based on the aforementioned factors, it is safe to say that buying a Netchex package can prove to be a really wise move if you want to make your business processes and operations more efficient. This all-in-one tool comes with several features that are perfectly suitable for every business. I believe the best part is that you can get a customized package made and pay only for selective features. Even the other packages they have are quite budget-friendly.


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