neon green

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Have you ever been in a dark room, frustrated that you couldn’t find something and said to yourself, “I wish there was neon green lighting in here”? We hope we can offer some assistance with that today! With the invention of electric lightbulbs, along came the opportunity to apply color to them. The first colored lamps were developed right around the turn of the century by inventor Shelby L. Bryan. 

Just imagine what it would look like to have a bright yellow or pink light bulb shining in a black room! Also, while this option is not available to most people, many people decorate their rooms with posters on the wall. Many of these posters put off a variety of colors to light up your space and make you feel happy!

neon green

A neon green aesthetic is one of the most popular colors in the world. It’s beautiful and vibrant, making it one of the most sought-after colors in the world.

The neon green aesthetic is a product of our society. We are a society that is obsessed with color and the colors we choose for our homes. A neon green aesthetic is no different. It’s one of the most popular colors in the world and can be found in nearly every home around the world.

A neon green aesthetic is a product of our society, but it’s also a product of nature. We are a species that has evolved to see color and be attracted to certain colors. So what makes us so attracted to certain colors? There are many factors that can influence our preferences when it comes to color and how we perceive color, but there are two main ones: evolution and culture.

Evolution is one of the main reasons why humans have such diverse preferences when it comes to color. The human race evolved from primates that were able to see certain colors, like red and yellow, and was able to use those colors as camouflage against predators. Nowadays, humans are still able to distinguish between certain colors and use them as camouflage against predators or other threats.


Neon green is a bright green color which recalls the color of glow sticks and similar items. The color neon green, also known as electric lime in the RGB color space, has its official name from the X11 color list. Neon green is not a pure spectral color; it is a spectral cyan shifted slightly into the green part of the spectrum.Neon green appears on many flags and state emblems, especially those of Latin American countries such as Ecuador and Nicaragua.