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Here are the NeoCast OTO links. 1,2,3,4,5 Get The 5 OTO Links With A Discount And Huge Bonuses OTO NeoCast You will receive Massive There is one NeoCast Front-End and five NeoCast OTO Editions.

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NeoCast OTO Links Above –  What is NeoCast ?

NeoCast is a results-driven app that lets you and your subscribers make a free TV channel… And advertise your products and/or brand on it… to get millions of free views. In 2023, this is the easiest way to get quality traffic. The best part is that you don’t have to create any content… NeoCast handles all of that for you…

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Video review for Front End only NeoCast

NeoCast   – Text From This Video

Hello, everyone! My name is Karina, and welcome to my honest, almost-free review, where I’ll show you how to use this software. It’s a very strange piece of software, and the sales page makes a lot of big claims, like that it’s the world’s first AI app that lets us own a TV channel that gets millions of views and pays them $856.45 daily for sponsoring ads, all without making or streaming anything. There are some big claims here, so let’s look at the software and see how on earth you’re supposed to make that much money with it. So, this is the dashboard, and all you see is random YouTube videos. On the Videos per second menu, there’s a section called “Channels.” We can make a channel, and there are a few different kinds. You can choose linear, which means that all viewers will watch the same content at the same time, like on traditional TV, or you can choose interactive, which lets viewers use the player and controls to jump to the next or previous video in the playlist. This gives you a few more options than linear. You also have this option that is set for a certain time. I’m going to go with “on demand” instead of “looped,” which just keeps playing different videos over and over. This is because I want to be able to show the different player controls that you can access by clicking “next,” and then we’ll give the channel a name. So I’ll call it “Make Money”: Let’s make some money with this channel. You can upload a logo, so I’m just going to put this picture here and a link to it. Say it takes you to Now, you can see a little bit of what the whole thing will look like. You can also say that you want to embed this channel anywhere, which means on any website, or only on domains that you choose. Then you have to list all of the ones you want, like Google or whatever, but we’ll just say anywhere. Then you have this way to make money with ads. So, if you want to run the sponsored ads they talk about on this sales page, you’ll basically have to add an ad tag.

OTO NeoCast Local

Url here Click onaccept, and now the channel’s been created. So now I have to click on “add video,” which is a little bit weird. So, basically, I can add videos to the channel, and those videos will show up in this section. These will be videos that you’ve uploaded yourself or that you’ve saved in here. How do you get videos, as the sales page says, if the dashboard shows that you don’t have to make or stream anything yourself? If we go over here, we can see that there are just a bunch of random videos that seem to be loading. If I scroll down and try to search for a keyword like “money” and click on “search video,” it tells me that I need to add my YouTube API key in order to do that. But I can click “Save” on these videos that are still loading and tell you that your video will be added to your collection soon. So, you should be able to search for YouTube videos, URLs, and keywords if you add a YouTube API key, which you can do under your profile. And now, when I go to my videos, I can see that there are a few more. This is where I’ve basically saved these YouTube videos. These aren’t my videos at all. I did not make them. Someone else has added it, so what I’m going to do is click “Add Video,” then click “This one,” “This one,” and “This one,” and then click “Accept here.” That’s what I’m going to do, and it will remove it. There’s no confirmation; it’s a little bit strange, but here under added videos, they have been added successfully. Now, if I just reload this page, we can see that this channel now has three videos. There are a few choices: you can now preview it and change it. So this is how you change the different little options here, and in the volume room you can turn on different things, but it’s still not very cool, and at the moment, unless you have some of the ad code or put an affiliate link on your logo, I don’t see how you can make much money with this, but more on that later. So, what do you do with the channel now that you have it?

NeoCast OTOs Linka

So you can embed it somewhere, like on your own website, which means that someone has to visit your website and you’re kind of depending on your own traffic there anyway. They also have this live stream section again, which is very similar. You can make a live stream by clicking “Create a live stream” and adding destinations, which basically means sending the live feed to these channels. Then you have these streaming settings, so you can copy these different links, this URL, and the stream key, and that’s about it. But you won’t be able to watch it live. There will only be live streaming. Videos! It doesn’t have much going for it. When people can go to Twitch or YouTube and watch a live stream, the websites are now ready. You can make a website of your own and add a channel to it. So, I’ll add this test again: make money website, which is just another way of saying “make money.” You can add a logo, a favicon, change the layout of the page, add playback options, footer text, and site meta descriptions. But this won’t magically put your website at the top of Google. I’ll just click “Save now,” and then I can go to the website. This is how it appears. The headline is at the top, and then there are the videos, which are just about to start streaming. The video is currently playing, and if I try to click on this logo, it doesn’t even send me to Google. So even that seems a little strange, and it’s not very impressive. I mean, how do you think you’re going to get people to come here? And why would someone come here to watch TV when they can just go to YouTube? I just think that this sales page is very deceptive. Also, where is this AI? I just don’t see it.

NeoCast OTO AIUpsell

You have to either use someone else’s content or upload your own content while using someone else’s content and trying to make money from it. Even so, I don’t see how you could make money from it very easily, since they don’t give you many options unless you use advertising, but then how would you get people to visit your site? It comes down to traffic every time. It’s also important to note that this video was saved as a YouTube video, but when I try to watch it, it doesn’t give me a way to go to YouTube. This is not allowed, because it’s okay to embed a real YouTube video on a website, because then the view still goes to the creator of the video. But in this case, I can’t get back to YouTube to watch it, so it seems like it’s not being used the way it should be used. They say they’re getting millions of views just for random YouTube videos, which isn’t very impressive and isn’t really a TV channel either. You haven’t done it. These paid TV shows are just videos on YouTube. Also, the rest of the sales page is full of red flags, which I talk about in my article about how to spot shiny objects. Video, because these kinds of products sound very appealing. There are a lot of signs and things you can look at to tell if it’s real or not. If you want to make money online, I don’t recommend NeoCast. So I hope this review was helpful; now go check out those shiny things. Video next.

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