Neo2 Magazine: the lifestyle magazine to know the Hispanic world

There are more than 460 million people in the world who use the Spanish language in their lives. Neo2 is one of the most important lifestyle magazines in the Spanish-speaking market.

Cover of issue 179. Photograph by Bernardo Coral

Neo2 was founded by Ramón Fano, Rubén Manrique and Javier Abio in 1994. In these 28 years, they have consolidated a key product for young creative generations.

Its content is an interdisciplinary crossover that touches on topics such as Fashion, Home Design, Art, Technology, Architecture, Cinema, Music or Gastronomy, among others. At the moment they publish a paper magazine that 90% is distributed in newsstands throughout Spain and the other 10% is sold in iconic places around the world.

Article Metal Works. Neo2 Issue 179. About new home design products

In addition to the paper version, they have a web platform for news and articles that is constantly being updated. This trending web platform has more than a million monthly readers and is completely free. Its users search for the latest news in the world of fashion, the latest movie releases, interviews with well-known musicians, current architectural projects built, or reports on gastronomy trends created by experts. A wide range of topics to keep up to date in the Spanish-speaking world.

Neo2, in turn, is perfect support for brands that want to expand their market far beyond the English-speaking public. Brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Hermes, Levis, Cartier, Chanel, Absolut, Camper or Braun are common on its pages.

Article Buzzing. Neo2 number 172. Photography by Lucía Giacani

Since 2018, Neo2 has promoted young talent through special prizes for creativity and innovation. Always looking for the association with like-minded partners. They are the Neo2 Designers Awards that reward young people from the Fashion world as well as from the Home Design world.

If you want to see the world from another perspective, take a tour of the Neo2 website and then tell us what you think.

Matria Article. Neo2 Issue 175. Photography by Bruno Clement