Need Of Tableau And How It Has Influenced Covid-19 Pandemic

Tableau is a great, potent, and fastest-growing data visualization software or tool utilized in Business Intelligence Industry. It assist and support in simplifying raw data into a very quickly acceptable & understandable format.

Data analysis is very fast with Tableau, and the visualizations formulate is in the form of dashboard and worksheet. The data formulated using Tableau can be understood and elucidated by professionals at any level in a business or organization. It empowers businesses to save costs and even enables a non-technical user to develop a customize dashboard.

Features of Tableau

  • Data Blending
  • Real-time analysis
  • Collaboration of data

A great thing concerning Tableau software is that it does not need technical or programming skills, expertise, or talents to operate. The tool has garnered importance and curiosity amongst people from all sectors. This includes trade, business, researchers, professional services, diverse industries, etc.

Since the pandemic attack of Coronavirus and the spread of COVID-19 globally has set off a spike of curiosity and interest in data visualizations. Therefore, every individual desire to view, detect, and understand how case counts are rapidly rising. What kind of influence this deadliest virus might have on themselves and their population. And, what functions or role they can execute in decreasing the spread.

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This Tableau software tool works hard at gathering and collecting these Coronavirus data resources into a centre or hub. Therefore people can easily access reliable data and even interpret or analyze the data for themselves. So, the tool has been recognized as an intelligence and statistics information provider that easily accesses data more comprehensively and simply. Let’s discuss how all the top uses & need of Tableau tool in all the various sectors for encouraging acceptable and accessible data.

Tableau in Various Sectors

  • Data can be interpreted and analyzed well meaningfully

The data from several different data sources can clearly and simply be analyzed. Also, a report can be produced, which can be promptly understood at initial sight. The data will be analyzed in multiple ways by securing, loading, and modifying. There are various approaches, steps, and processes where the pieces of information or data can be processed and analyzed.

  • Tableau provides more incredible visual dashboards quickly

Another type of approach that uses Tableau completes data analysis by decreasing or summarizing the content and key significant characteristics of the data sets into a piece of non-redundant information. Tableau’s visual dashboards can give different sorts of representations. It includes Pictorial representations, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Tabular or Graphical representations.

  • Renders and fulfills different requirements or specifications of the organizational needs

The various distinct types of needs and requirements of the organizations can be fulfilled or achieved by Tableau consulting services. The obligation and lack of an organization can depend on the client’s requirement and uses of the product or program or an application.

  • Supports Multiple Data Sources

Different sets of data sources include additional data types, such as Structured, Unstructured, and Semi-Structured Data. The diverse data sources can be from various kinds of databases such as Oracle, Virtual databases, IBM DB2, MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.

  • Encourages multiple Database features

The uses of Tableau supports multiple types of database features that include RDBMS, Object-oriented Databases, No SQL Databases, and so on. Where the data in Relational Database Management System has structured data, and No SQL. Also, object-oriented databases are having semi-structured and unstructured data such as text or document files, JSON, etc.

  • More manageable and straightforward to handle

The process of controlling the different data types is more manageable, and customizing that data as per the requirement is easier. The approach involved in the Tableau tool does not include any kind of coding or programming or designing. It just needs a set of drag and drops or tool features that is more apparent, more uncomplicated, and quick to operate. And, that also means less training curve.

  • More comprehensive community support

Tableau has numerous great and experienced professionals with tremendous knowledge, expertise, and information. They have a passion for learning and working together to support the complicated issues in handling & managing data. Its community forums have various user groups, forums, communities, and user bases with unusual and diverse cross-functional and technical information or awareness to help other users.

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  • Best Visual Analysis

These visual analysis can be graphical or any set of representations.  It will be more straightforward and quick to understand or recognized at first sight of inspection/observation. This is how the visual analysis is based on the representation of data in visual mode or reports.

  • Flexible Data Pulling and Analysis

The method of pulling the data and interpret that data from multiple sets of data sources is flexible by practicing the data source configuration characteristic or features. This is through connecting to various data sources and pulling that data into Tableau to commence processing or analyzing the data.

  • Assists in generating custom Data Reports

The report generation method or approach can be achieved in a customized system by manipulating the data representation or description as per the client or customer demands. It will make the client’s life simpler and beneficial in handling and managing their business applications.


This article has observe distinct areas and multiple areas of applications in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. The utilization of Data Visualization tools contains Tableau as the top utilized one; which has become a major one, amongst the topmost Data Visualization or Analytics tool. The Tableau tool or software has widespread applications in Data Analytics and Data Visualization. It renders more significant benefits such as Data handling and decreasing data redundancy in the shortest & most precise execution time dynamically.