Need a Fresh Start? 3 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand (& 3 Ways To It Successfully)

You’re proud of your business. You’ve built it from the ground up and found success in your industry. But lately, it feels like your brand needs a fresh start, something to freshen it up a little.

Your business is in need of a rebrand. The question of how to rebrand in the right way might be one of the first to come to mind. It will be a lot of work and planning, but your business will look good as new once it’s all finished.

Keep reading to learn how to rebrand in the right ways and keep your business marketing as a cohesive unit throughout the process.

Why Are You Rebranding

Once you’ve decided to initiate a rebranding process for your company, make sure you pinpoint why this is the best move for your business.

There are many reasons why you might do a partial or full rebrand project for your business. As technology changes, your business may be fighting to keep up and rebranding may modernize your service to keep it relevant.

Or perhaps your targeted audience has shifted and you’re refocusing on a slightly different audience that requires different attraction and marketing techniques.

Maybe the younger version of your business never really established a standard logo or cohesive brand personality. Now is the time to make your business memorable across all of your marketing outlets.

Freshen Up Your Brand

If your business is only in need of a slight freshen up, perhaps a more hip or clean logo will do the trick. It’s natural, and important, to edit your logo as your business expands and develops.

Logos are typically the first thing that potential customers consume when they create their first impression of your business. What kind of message or feeling do you want to leave them with?

Before you roll out your fresh new logo, make sure the edits have made their way to all of your business platforms. This includes your website, social media pages, business cards, and email signatures.

To celebrate your new logo and spread the word about your business to new customers, consider including marketing content in custom printed Tyvek envelopes.

Full Brand Rebirth

If your branding and marketing have been inconsistent from the start as you focused on building your product or service, your business marketing may deserve an entire redo to create a coherent and memorable brand.

This may involve a form of starting from the bottom as you rebuild and decide what your company stands for, the impact it wants to have, and the messages it wants to leave behind.

Rebrand Roll-out

When you’re ready for your customers to see your business rebrand and all that it represents, make sure all of the pieces are ready to roll out at the same time.

Not only will these rebranding tips add a sense of cohesion to your business processes, but it will also make it easier for new clients to remember your business from other marketing content.

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