You might have your own business or you might be working for someone else. Every business and every company out there has some administrative tasks that they need to be skillfully handled so that the company or business can run smoothly. These are the day to day operations that might seem little to you but in fact, are a major part of running the business.

There are a lot of ways that these tasks can be undertaken, like hiring a secretary, receptionist, or an office manager. You can also hire an administrative assistant or an executive assistant. If you have a startup or a small company, you might be doing these things yourself or someone from your team might be doing it for the time being. Nowadays, a lot of these tasks are being automated, thanks to technology. This way you don’t have to hire a person to do these assignments and you can get them done on time without any problems.

Startups and SMBs

As an owner of a small business or a startup, it is very easy for you to get caught up in the daily routines and operations that you will find yourself running around putting out fires and dealing with crises.

There is always someone calling to discuss something highly important with you or your team wants you to attend a meeting so that they can discuss the next marketing strategy or something else. But, if you are always on the run, then you will never be able to do what you do best.

Run the business. That is why you need to identify these tasks and hire someone either in-house or as a remote assistant so that they can take care of them while you work on the things that are actually important.

For example, if your office is in Sydney and you have around 50 people in your company, you will need to look for the best catering Sydney has ever seen so that you can take care of your people.

The same can be said for sending and receiving emails and other administrative tasks. According to different studies, an entrepreneur spends around 70 percent of their time on routine tasks. This is a huge amount of time that they should be spending on increasing their business, expanding their brand’s visibility and other tasks.

Here are some of the administrative tasks that you need to take care of:

Storing Information

The more a company grows, the more data it has. This data could be about the clients, customers, manufacturers, or anyone else for that matter. It could also be about the employees. All this data is highly important and should be stored in such a way that it cannot be harmed and when you need it, you can access it easily without going through a hundred different files. Most of this data will be private and confidential so it has to stay safe at all costs.

Finding Information

A growing business needs to do a lot of research to conduct various activities. These could be coming up with marketing strategies or going through your data to refine your target audience and everything else in between. You need someone to find the proper information and then analyze it, summarize it, and distribute it among all the people who are relevant. It should be in the form of a report so that everyone can easily understand it.

Answering Phones

Whether you have a clothing brand, a marketing agency, or a plumbing service, you will have customers calling you at every possible hour to ask about your products, services, and every other aspect of your operations. You might have all the information on your website, but you still need to handle all these calls and give them the information that they are looking for.

This is one of the biggest administrative tasks that a company has. If you don’t cater to these customers, you can lose potential clients and that can affect your sales. That is why you need someone to man the phones so that none of your customers gets turned away.

Greeting Visitors

There is always a person sitting at the reception so that they can greet the people coming in through the door. This may not seem like an important job, but it is. That is the first impression that you make on your visitors and that first impression will stick with them forever.

Buying Equipment and Supplies

Every office needs a continuous stream of various supplies like papers, pens, staplers, among others. You could just wait for something to run out and then go and get it or send someone in your place or you could do the responsible thing and give this duty to someone so that they can keep an eye on all the equipment and supplies that are needed and they can stock up on it beforehand.

Create and Manage Written Communications

There are a lot of communications that are done in an office. You have your emails, business letters to compose as well as creating various types of reports and spreadsheets. There are also press releases and memos to consider as well.

You have to communicate with people outside the office as well as inside the office. If you take this responsibility upon yourself, you might not be able to articulate everything well. You need someone who can take notes from you and then create professional and concise communications whether they are verbal or documented.

Meeting Preparation

Offices are also having meetings every now and then. That much we all know. But what we might not know is all the preparation that goes into conducting a professional and efficient meeting. The conference or the meeting room has to be set up, the catering needs to be taken care of and all the audio-visual as well as other equipment needs to be set up and checked so that there are no glitches in the middle of the meeting.


These and other tasks might keep you from focusing all of your attention to things that actually need it. Make sure that you have alternate solutions for all of these administrative tasks so that you can finally do what you do best.