NBA 2K23 OUT OF ORBIT Locker Code Rewards Diamond Rui Hachimura Available for Limited Time

NBA 2K23 OUT OF ORBIT Locker Code Rewards Diamond Rui Hachimura is available for a limited time! Get ready to take your game to the next level with this exclusive card that offers a unique set of stats and abilities. Unlock this Diamond Rui Hachimura card today and take your team to the next level! To redeem Locker Codes on NBA 2K23, go to the MyTeam “HOME” screen and select the “MyTEAM COMMUNITY HUB” option from the HOME screen. Select LOCKER CODE on the bottom left of the Community Hub and type in the code using the on-screen keyboard. To redeem community hub poll Locker Codes, go to the Community Hub, select an answer on the poll, and enter the code into the Locker Code menu option. You will receive your reward the next time you load up MyTeam.

  • Rewards: Diamond Rui Hachimura
  • Expires: 02/15/2023

Diamond Rui Hachimura 93 OVR

Rui Hachimura is an exciting young forward who has quickly become one of the top prospects in the NBA. With the right development, Rui can become an excellent all-around player for years to come.

Diamond NBA 2K23 Rui Hachimura Tips

  1. Use Rui’s post-up game to your advantage by using his footwork and physicality to get to the basket for easy buckets.
  2. Take advantage of Rui’s catch-and-shoot ability from mid-range and three-point range.
  3. Develop Rui’s ball handling and shooting off the dribble to help make him a more complete offensive player.
  4. Improve Rui’s shot selection to help him become a more efficient scorer.
  5. Improve Rui’s three-point shooting consistency by spending time on the practice court.


  1. Excellent post-up scorer with good footwork and physicality
  2. Good catch-and-shoot shooter from mid-range and three-point range
  3. Strong finisher around the rim with good body control
  4. Good rebounder for his size
  5. Solid defensive player with good lateral quickness
  6. Good passer for his position


  1. Needs to improve ball handling and shooting off the dribble
  2. Can be too aggressive on defense and get into foul trouble
  3. Needs to improve his shot selection
  4. Not a great defender against the pick-and-roll
  5. Needs to improve his three-point shooting consistency

EBUYMT hopes you enjoy this special Diamond Rui Hachimura available for a limited time with the NBA 2K23 OUT OF ORBIT Locker Code Rewards.


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