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Erectile Dysfunction – The Facts

During the trial of a statutory rape case, the defense attorney squashed the proceedings with a very simple statement that as far as his client was worried,” the issue doesn’t arise”. When the infuriated judge demanded an explanation, the witty lawman advised the court the query in that special case referred to his client’s phallus that could never appear due to erectile dysfunction, a fact supported by testimony.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) generally refers to male impotency in which the male penis becomes incapable of normal sexual function due to the inability to come up with and/or maintain an erection of the penis, a prerequisite to sexual intercourse.

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 The situation gets rather different when anything occurs along with the mechanism of erection does not function. This is when erectile dysfunction occurs.

Before, problems relating to erectile dysfunction weren’t given due importance by the medical profession because it had been more or less taboo, and also it has never been life-threatening. Nevertheless, contemporary medical science proceeds to cross hitherto obstacles to reach to the reasons behind erectile dysfunction and to supply a cure for the malaise that affects men, making them inwardly shy, compared to their more virile counterparts. Instances of guys being affected by erectile dysfunction at even earlier ages are not infrequent, thus advancing the research to more definite objectives.

Erectile dysfunction can be actuated by both bodily and non-physical (psychological) causes. One of the non-physical causes, unwanted feeling generally takes the hot seat. Intense fiscal crisis, impending tragedy, sudden loss of occupation, hostility or bitterness, and lack of interest in sex from the spouse ordinarily create temporary erectile dysfunction in males of varying ages.

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Also accountable are factors relating to the love life of the partners that may occasionally nose-dive. Anxiety neurosis is another ally of erectile dysfunction if a man presumes he’s been a loser in satisfying his partner even when the reality tells a different story. Psychotherapy may restore religion in most cases and the guy can lead a normal sex life after the treatment.

As for the physical causes of erectile dysfunction, there are quite many reasons, most of them also being curable during appropriate treatment.

A number of the physiological causes behind erectile dysfunction include diabetic conditions resulting in nerve disease, cardiovascular ailments affecting the blood supply to the pelvic region, specific medicine for controlling high blood pressure, injury caused by the spinal column, multiple sclerosis, hormonal disorders, drug abuse, etc.,

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