Native Delicacies You Must Try When You Visit Quirino Province

The land-locked province in Cagayan Valley II, Quirino, is known for its rugged topography perfect for a getaway. Its young origin (only 51 years in existence!) doesn’t stop it from boosting its tourist attractions and rich local culture. Known as the “Forest Heartland of Cagayan Valley,” its breathtaking nature full of caves, rapids, and falls is fit for thrill-seeking travelers. In a destination fit for an adventure, what better way to immerse yourself in their culture than to enjoy its native delicacies

What can we try in Quirino Province?

 Locals swear by their Royal Tubikoy, a rice cake made out of three native delicacies in the area – tupig, bibingka, and tikoy. While it sounds both interesting and confusing at the same time, (how would a mix of three kakanins taste like?) it is perfect alongside a hot coffee during siesta, right after a tiring swim at one of Quirino’s waterfalls attractions. This native delicacy can be found in one of the province’s six municipalities – Diffun. Priced at 65 PHP, Tubikoy is a delicious, affordable dish you would not want to miss during your visit to Quirino.

More on merienda dishes would be Quirino province’s version of Cagayan’s noodle dish – Pancit Cabagan! Lots of tourists recommend getting this delicacy from MJ Snack & Pancit Cabagan Restaurant, located at Nagtipunan. With prices ranging from 35 PHP to 55 PHP, this stir-fried noodle dish is definitely a budget-friendly meal to watch out for!

Are there rice dishes?

Yes! One of Quirino’s famous exotic cuisines is the Adobong Tateg, a spin in one of the Philippines’ most famous dishes. Mainly found in Aglipay, this native delicacy uses a beetle and its larvae (a worm found inside decaying wood) as one of its ingredients! Talk about an interesting dish now, huh? 

True to its adventurous nature, Quirino Province is home to both daring destinations and bold food culture. Adobong Tateg is surely one for the daredevils at heart!

What about a pasalubong?

One of the Quirino locals’ well-known livelihoods is the sale of Tilanggit, a packed dried fish mix of tilapia and danggit. It is mainly found in Diffun, just like Tubikoy, so make sure to try these local delicacies if you are around the area! Its preserved nature makes it perfect as a take-home souvenir, as it can survive the long trip back home. Aside from its distinct taste, a Tilanggit purchase also promotes, protects, and cultivates Quirino’s food culture! Delicious, supports local businesses, and preserves a cultural identity – what else could you ask from a pasalubong?


An underrated getaway in Luzon, Quirino province is rich in tourist attractions, outdoor getaways, and of course – native delicacies. There is much to explore and energy to consume – how else would you recharge than by enjoying the local food spots? Either through a kakanin during merienda, an exotic cuisine you’ve never heard of, or a dried fish during the car ride home, enjoying Quirino province’s native delicacies is a perfect way of topping off a thrilling adventure.