Native American Jewelry

Some Types Of Native American Dolls By Tribe

Indigenous peoples from the USA have been crafting and wearing exquisite jewelry for decades. Although there have been a lot of types of indigenous American jewelry through time, a lot of American Indian jewelry was fashioned for function over fashion, like brooches, bridles, and buttons.

Native American Jewelry Remains Relevant Even Today

Long ago, the Native Americans used their jewelry for a kind of money or collateral when trading with the European lands, and jewelry manufacturing rapidly become an indispensable part of the tribes’ economic survival. Today, American Indian performers maintain this enduring tradition alive, selling and crafting authentic jewelry rooted in historical traditions passed from generation to generation. Buying real Native American jewelry also remains an outstanding method to encourage nearby Native American artisans.

Native American jewelry is still prized because of its unbelievable ability and craftsmanship that goes into every piece, as well as the classic traditional designs that have become recognizable. Authentic Native American jewelry continues to get significant cultural importance today, with lots of fashion-forward individuals opting to wear it to complement both casual and formal apparel. Here is a peek at some of the most frequent kinds of Native American jewelry that are still valued for this day.


The Navajo is the nation’s largest Native American tribe. Unsurprisingly, this tribe’s jewelry is the most widespread and well-known nowadays. Navajo jewelry came into its own when silver was introduced, and then it became much more desirable when the turquoise was used along with the white metal. Lots of the ancient Aztec pieces were created out of melted coins.

Conventional Navajo Designs

It is thought that a number of the ancient Navajo jewelry designs originated out of the Spaniards. Today, the Navajo tribe extensive portfolio includes pieces with all the tribe signature silver leaves, blossoms, and beads, in addition to hand stamp work.

The Squash Blossom Necklace

Other types of Native American jewelry introduced with the Navajo include sandcast jewelry, naja bracelets, and cherry blossom necklaces. Dating back to the 1870s, skillet bracelets particularly are possibly the most authoritative Navajo pieces. They are comprised of a beaded silver necklace using cherry blossom petal beads, and they’re finished off by an oversized naja pendant at the bottom. It’s thought that the design relies on the pomegranate decorative section of the colonial Spanish.

There is many other types of Native American Jewelry ( ) By Tribe