Nasal Air Filters – Say Goodbye to Allergic Issues

Allergic rhinitis is one of the typical medical conditions that are influencing more than 40% of the population across the globe; we can say millions of people are affected by this condition. Side effects of this malady incorporate runny nose, eye itching, postnasal drip, nasal itching, sneezing, and throat itching and nasal congestion. It is basically caused by air pollutants such as animal dander, pollens, dust mite, cockroach particles and molds. There is a wide array of treatments also available for allergic rhinitis to incorporate allergen immunotherapy, medications and avoidance measures. If you think that you can save yourself without keeping care and using these treatments then it may create hazardous to your body and health. 

What are Nasal Air Filters?

As the name suggests nasal air filters are used to provide filtered air to your body and prevent airborne allergens from harming the mucous membranes of the nose, as if it gets harmed then the allergic reactions happen. The nasal filters come in the role at this moment and these are designed to fit inside and outside of the nose. For nasal air filters to be a compelling cure to stop the side effects of allergic rhinitis, it would need to be easy to wear, invisible and comfortable when worn. The devices of nasal air filters provided by Clenare are very effective and comfortable to wear for every user.

There are a long list of nasal air filters available on the market depends on the variety and features you can choose them to keep allergies away from you. Relying on a dedicated filter, people can decrease the number of pollutants available in the air and enter into our body while breathing. There are different materials used to create such products from plastic to sponges. As said earlier, there is a big range of nasal air filters available so you also have the option to choose invisible or small filters that easily fits inside your nose and provide you protection from air pollutants. People mainly use nasal filters at nail salons, garages, hospitals, subway, highways, in moldy/dusty/smoky areas and in other areas.

Effectiveness and Function of Nasal Air Filters

Based on recent studies, were made to know the effectiveness and efficiency of a nasal filter, known as Rhinix, at stopping allergy side effects occurred by airborne pollen exposure. During the winter season, 24 adults who were facing grass allergy exposed in an environmental exposure unit containing grass pollen, and it was kept assured that there was no natural grass pollen were there that could have affected the results. 

The study was done to know the adverse effects of grass pollens around a room having a fan blow a definite amount of pollen. In this study these 24 adults wore either a placebo device having no filter or a nasal air filter device, and were left for 210 minutes in an EEU. The side effects reported by adults were different after every 30 minutes interval and after staying in the EEU for more than 2 hours time.

The outcome of this study was impressive. Because when the actual result was compared then the results of adults using nasal air filters were good as compared to the placebo device users. The nasal air filter was much effective at decreasing allergic issues including throat irritation, sneezing and nasal itching. Additionally, for other allergic issues such as a nasal congestion, runny nose nasal filters gave good outcomes. The study found that the nasal filters were totally safe to use, caused no side effects and were comfortable to use.

Reasons of using Nasal air Filters

There are many reasons that show the importance of using nasal air filters in today’s environment. One of the most common causes is that there are no side effects; chemical ingredients are used to develop them. As we know that allergies are basically caused by allergens, pollens, air pollution, dust and dirt that are entered into our body when we breathe. Nasal air filters are used to protect you from these pollutants and allergens and prevent them from entering into your body. It is very beneficial way than using an anti-allergic medicine which can be reactive as the medicines only deals with the symptoms and provide temporary cure for your problems. But the best solution is to use these devices in order to prevent all these allergens to introduce to your body.

While there are a wide range of the nasal air filters available and designed to provide comfort and safety to the users that’s why they are becoming more popular across the web. While the usage and safety is the main focus, style and comfort have achieved more consideration as the device becomes highly popular. 

Moreover, nasal air filters are also designed to fit comfortably in the nose while still offering you the freedom to do all your required activities without facing any hassle. As well as there is no need to take doctor’s advice before using these devices. Invisible nasal filters are also available to the user and were easily in public places.

Nasal air filters – An alternate solution to allergic medicines

Nasal air filters are the devices that are getting priority over allergic medicines these days. Due to high pollution and increasing rate of airborne allergens and pollutants, it has become necessary to safeguard your body to live a healthy life with allergic diseases. As stated above, these devices are used to prevent pollen, and many other air pollutants such as mold and pet dander appear to be good at decreasing or stopping many other different types of allergy symptoms. 

Yes, indeed, nasal air filters may not fully prevent all allergy and breathing diseases from occurring, but such devices are easy to wear, well-tolerated, difficult to detect by other people moreover causes no side effects. For an individual who is taking medicine to cure breathing issues, and is not a suitable person for breathing immunology and other treatments, a nasal air filter can easily help him to fight with these diseases.