Myths and Misconceptions About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an ache that lasts for three months or more. It may occur as a sharp and stabbing pain or a dull discomfort. Chronic pain can occur frequently or irregularly and affect anyone regardless of age or gender. It can interfere with daily routine, causing anxiety or depression. You cannot treat the condition at home, so you need to seek medical attention at chronic pain New Brunswick. Chronic pain treatment is commonly based on the cause and symptoms. Chronic pain is associated with many myths and infections, and here are some.

Exercise worsens chronic pain

Most people believe exercise worsens your chronic pain. Your doctor can include physical activities in your chronic pain treatment to assist in pain management. But it is essential not to engage in vigorous exercise that may worsen your condition. Your doctor can recommend activities that will best suit your illness. Healthy exercise helps improve the physical and emotional issues resulting from chronic pain.

It is always easy to determine the cause of chronic pain

You might think once your doctor diagnoses chronic pain it will be easy to know the cause of pain. If you have conditions like arthritis and back pain, it may be possible to find this out. Sometimes you may have to undergo many tests to detect the cause of your chronic pain. For conditions like fibromyalgia, the cause is unknown. Unknown reasons make it challenging for your doctor to develop a treatment option.

Chronic pain only affects physical areas

Most chronic pain cases like arthritis and back pain affect the physical areas, but this is not always the case in all conditions. Sometimes chronic pain may not involve a physical part, usually referred to as invisible disability. In the case of fibromyalgia, it causes generalized pain and muscle stiffness and can be experienced in different areas of the body. Fibromyalgia will not lead to a specific physical cause.

Medication is the only treatment for chronic pain

People tend to assume chronic pain to be like any other discomfort and think pain killers will treat it. Chronic pain is different from other types of pain and not easy to treat. Long-term use of medications can lead to resistance, making them ineffective. There are many other treatments for chronic pain like physical therapies, corticosteroid injections, behavioral therapy, and surgeries for severe cases. Lifestyle changes can also contribute during and after treatment.

Chronic pain patients are addicted to painkillers

There is a belief that chronic pain patients get addicted to painkillers. Addiction can apply if you use opioid medications that are stronger painkillers and highly addictive. Your doctor will administer and monitor how you take your opioid drugs. Medical control helps reduce your risk of being addicted. Overusing other pain relievers can lead to drug resistance, making them less effective. Ensure you seek medical advice before you take any pain reliever.

 Fortunately, your doctor can help you understand the facts about chronic pain. Chronic pain is treatable, so do not let myths and misconceptions stop you from seeking medical care. Schedule an appointment at Pain & Anesthesia Care for chronic pain treatment to relieve your long-time discomfort.

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