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You use Windows Office to finish your article and the tasks that the guiding teacher arranges for you. In addition, you need to use the Microsoft Windows system to do the work efficiently. It highlights the importance of technology and the internet in enabling efficient collaboration and problem-solving with colleagues. Therefore, everyone can not leave them nowadays. However, the price is too high if you subscribe the Microsoft Windows and Office.

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Windows 10 Home—1PC—$7.05

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Windows 10 Pro—2PC—$11.70

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Windows 10 Pro—5PC—$32.85

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Windows 11 Home—1PC—$11.70

Windows 11 Home—2PC—$22.05

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Windows 11 Home—5PC—$47.70

Windows 11 Pro—1PC—$12.15

Windows 11 Pro—2PC—$22.50

Windows 11 Pro—3PC—$32.85

Windows 11 Pro—5PC—$49.50

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Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus—1PC—$28.35

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus—2PC—$44.99

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Windows 10 Home + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$32.85

Windows 10 Professional + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$33.75

Windows 11 Home + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$36.00

Windows 11 Professional + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$40.50

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