MyBorosil Review

Myborosil is one of the best shopping sites for shopping glassware from Borosil. Borosil glassware is made with a special chemical compound called borosilicate, making it heat resistant to 350°C. Borosil glassware is famous for its thin and elegant build. The shopping website is as likable as the products.

The website is informative, well designed, and properly managed. Below are some of the main points about the website

  1. Overall           

The website overall gives an ambient vibe. The collaboration of graphics and layout is perfect. The website has a minimalistic look without unnecessary illustrations and advertisements.

  • visual appeal

The website has a professional and cool aura. The colors green and blue are used perfectly with the white background. The images used for product demonstration are all high definition. The layout fits perfectly with the products without filling extra space and keeping the visual simple and professional.

  • Sitemap

At the bottom of the website, the option to view sitemap is available, and you can see all the website elements there. It looks like you are looking at a menu, and that makes it easier and Fun.

  • loading speed

The website is well designed and managed and takes less time to load content or respond. But it also depends upon the server of your device, so make sure that you have a good internet connection while browsing.

  • Are there ads, or is it ad-free?

My borosil website is ad-free. There won’t be any unnecessary advertisements on your screen, and you can shop with ease.

  • safe environment

It is entirely safe to use this website as your account is password protected.

  1. Helps

The website has proper guidance and support services.

  • Search function

The search bar makes it easier for you to explore products. The search function is present on the top of the homepage and all other pages as the topmost column remain the same everywhere. It is pretty convenient and shows immediate and accurate results.

  • helps/FAQ

At the bottom of the website, help options and FAQs are listed, including Shipping Policy, Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, and Support & Services such as

Product Manuals, E-Catalogue, Product Registration, and Appliance Servicing.

  1. Financial

The website doesn’t have payment gateways, but transactions are available with all major debit and credit cards, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, and JCB cards. It also approves payment through net banking with more than 45 banks across India.

  • payment methods

My borosil accepts all major debit and credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, and JCB cards. It also processes payments through NetBanking with more than 45 banks in India.

  • secure shopping

It is safe to Shop with My Borosil because it uses 256-bit encryption technology and protects the card information when the transaction occurs with the Bank.

The site is well organized, and different products are categorized According to their usage. The graphics of the website are minimalistic, which is eye-pleasing. At the bottom of the website, all the information you would like to know is provided. It makes websites reliable as it provides all the information about the company, payments, shipping, etc. It also provides us access to product manuals and E- Catalogues.


  1. How can I know about my order status?

My borosil keeps you updated about your order with respective emails. First, you receive an order confirmation email. Then when the order is processed, a dispatch email is sent confirming the dispatch. The email also has an estimated time of delivery of your order.

  1. What are the payment methods available on

My borosil accepts all major credit and debit cards, including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, and JCB cards. It also processes payments through NetBanking with more than 45 banks in India. COD is also available in certain delivery areas.

  1. What is the return policy for

You can return the order you’ve Placed within seven days of delivery on conditions that the product is not damaged and packed in its original packaging when delivered with the receipt and serial number.

  1. What to do if the product received is damaged?

If the product delivered to you is damaged, please write to with the order number, receipt number, Name, and a clear picture of the product delivered showing the defect or damages. My borosil will replace the product.