My Startup in Singapore

3 years ago, some of my friends and I founded a start-up together. We used to run it out of my 3 bedroom apartment based in downtown Singapore, it was working well. But as the company is growing much faster than we expected, we all made the decision to find a coworking space in Singapore. It wasn’t hard to find somewhere suitable for us at all. Singapore has a wide range of options for us. Using a coworking space seemed like a perfect option. We are a team of 8, but of course like any company growth is one of our main goals, as we want to expand more and more. So choosing the 10 person coworking space was a no-brainer. We found our space by just searching ‘best coworking space Singapore* and we stumbled upon this article It gave us 8 of the best co-working spaces to choose from. The website has a live chat or alternatively you can contact directly to take a look around. Our office has so many great facilities now. One of our recently employed team members is a person with disabilities and the office is equipped well for all needs. I’ll make a list of the amazing facilities that we have here

24-7 Access

  • I have to admit I am definitely more of a night owl, so this works great for me as I can go whenever I please

High speed fibre

  • This is of course a necessity for us, We are base completely online

Equipped kitchen

  • I was surprised to see this kitchen is more well equipped than my own kitchen at home

Air conditioning

  • Yes, I know this sounds super obvious but Singapore gets super hot, so just like fast WIFI having some ventilation on a hot and humid day is essential for us


  • This was one of the main requirements for us, we didn’t want to go out searching for desks, chairs etc

Electricity is included in the rent

  • What can I say, the less bills that I get in the post the better

I’ve tried to think of any disadvantages of co-work spaces, I’ve only come up with one. You will end up having long conversations with like minded people. The result of this is that you can often become distracted from your work There are so many benefits of co-working spaces. Making connections with people in the same or similar line of work is great for both my personal and team development. Being in an environment full of like minded people who share the same life path as you can be extremely motivating. We secured our office using the same website that we found the article. It’s a very streamline service. We only had to contact their whatsapp agent and got ourselves a great deal. Yes, of course, you will have to spend a little bit extra. I’d rather spend a little bit more money than waste my valuable time writing emails, scheduling appointments etc. The website osdoro did all that stuff for us, and it saved me a lot of time and bother. I couldn’t recommend it more


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