My Personal Experience with TTDeye Contact Lenses

Are you looking to purchase a new set of contact lenses? Hold your horses because, in this review, I’ll be sharing my experiences with the new set of TTDeye Contact Lenses that I’ve bought and let you know whether you should do the same.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise because I have always been a curious person about TTDeye. This is because a lot of the most well-known influencers out there have been promoting these lenses for a long time, and they seem to look absolutely gorgeous. In fact, they look so visibly stunning that I decided to get a pair for myself as well. In case you’ve never heard of TTDeye, then you should know that these contact lenses brand was founded in the year 2011. Over time, the company achieved recognition through multiple collaborations with famous influencers on Instagram, and here we are in 2020. The company’s primary aim is to mainly create quality lenses, and whether that’s true, we’re about to find out. 


In this review, I’m going to cover every aspect of the lenses – from their service to their delivery. Furthermore, since I have been using their lenses already for almost the last two months, it’d be a much easier task for me to point out the pros and cons as long-term reviews trump short-term ones. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it, shall we?


#1: The Overall Service

Rating – 5/5


  • E-commerce Website – 5/5

    When talking about the company’s online website – I have to say that the website is quite easy to navigate. The products are intuitively placed under each section, and ordering takes a minute or so. Moreover, the prices of the products will be adjusted according to your currency. The website has a vast collection of lenses, and you can obtain both prescriptions as well as non-prescription lenses as well. Besides, the prices are incredibly reasonable too. Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll be receiving a confirmation email on your email address, and the only thing you need to do is to wait.

  • Customer Support – 4/5

    Since I had ordered only a single pair of lenses, I was worried regarding the status of the order along with the prescription because I have different vision power in each of my eyes. However, when I mailed them and wanted to know about the prescription of the lenses, they swiftly replied back within 24 hours and thereby let me know the details of the order that I had placed along with prescribed lenses. I felt a sigh of relief, and that’s indeed a good measure of how capable the company’s customer care is.

    However, I should be mentioning that there are specific customers out there who had experienced poor after-sales service from them – when it came to returns, replacements, or refunds. If you’re one of them, then I’m sorry for the same – but, on the contrary, you should remember that this is my personal experience that I’m sharing.


#2: Shipping


Rating – 4/5


When it comes to shipping, it should be noted there is no such minimum order scheme here, and free delivery is provided with every order. As of the current system, delivery is available all over the world. The following are some of my order details:


Order placed on: 27th March 2020

Shipped on: 30th March 2020

Received on: 12th April 2020


After reading various long shipping time complaints against TTDeye, I was a little worried about the arrival of my order. Since it was around Easter holidays, I thought that my order would most likely get delayed and will arrive after Easter. So, when I received my package just on the day of Easter, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve to give props to the team who’s handling the orders section of the website because this was entirely unexpected, to be honest.


Moreover, what I am more pleasantly surprised about is that the shipping was free, which means that I got my order within the stipulated time and that too without even paying a single extra dime. Kudos TTDeye!

However, I had deducted one point because the day I had placed the order, I had received the notification email for shipping. But, when I checked the tracking number, it returned nothing. So, most probably there was some technical problem between the shipping company and TTDeye. Now, with the formalities out of the way, let’s jump right into the product in the next section.


#3: The Packaging


Rating – 5/5


I had placed one pair of lenses in Light Polar Grey colour. The lenses came inside a small rectangular box. That’s not all though because the box came with few other goodies as well. I absolutely love companies who make the unboxing experience so much better and fun for the buyer, so I have to appreciate TTDeye. Like I said, apart from the lenses, there was a lens case along with glitters (mainly for your make-up), postcards and even some temporary tattoos in the box as well. Definitely a yes for me, for all the free stuff.


The main box is pink in colour and has their logo etched on top. But, the main thing that caught most of my attention was their overall packaging for the lenses because it was indeed gorgeous. The box uses a holographic material to up the oomph factor, and this was the first time I had seen lenses packaged that way. Quite a ‘pause moment’ for me.

Moreover, everything I got was in perfect condition. You’ll be receiving cases for your lenses based on the numbers that you’ve bought – which is indeed quite commendable. These cases are quite sophisticated, to say the least, and they look adorable. Aside from that, you’ll also be getting tweezers for the same along with a lens applicator. TTDeye definitely nailed the accessories department.


#4: The Lenses


Rating – 5/5


As I had mentioned previously, I wanted something much more natural since I was already paying my hard-earned money for these lenses. Therefore, I didn’t want my lenses to look similar or identical to my own eye colour. I wanted something a little bit different to wear, but not too crazy as well. This is the reason I picked the Light Polar Grey colour.

Just like other lenses from the range of the TTDeye contacts, these lenses will last you one year. They are made from high-quality materials, and the use of first-class materials provide a high cost-to-performance ratio. Moreover, they’re bright and hold enough moisture in the eyes. Apart from that, the water content is 38 per cent in the lenses.


Enough with the jargon and let’s get down to the lenses, shall we? First thing I need to say is that the Light Polar Grey almost looks very transparent and like a regular contact lens. But, when I actually tried the lenses on, I was quite surprised to find that the lenses almost looked quite similar to the ones mentioned on their website. However, based on my personal preferences, I feel that this colour might be too light for me.


If I plan to wear the lenses in dark lighting, it’d be fine for me. But, in case I wear the same in broad daylight, I might scare someone on the street with my Halloween looks. Nevertheless, that’s just my personal opinion, but at least the product matches with what the company shows on their website. One thing to note is that – these lenses are quite easy to put in, and they easily stick to my eyeballs without tearing up.


I had gone through some customer reviews that said that when they tried these lenses for the first time, the lenses didn’t look as vibrant as they were on the website pictures. However, it should be noted that sometimes these variations can happen because companies mostly shoot their pictures in various lighting conditions and that can itself change the colour palette of the lenses. That might be the reason why the lenses looked different to those customers. Needless to say, I was pleased with the results that I have got.


#5: The Comfort & Other Attributes


Rating – 4.2/5


  • Quality – 5/5

    Before we delve into the lens quality, it should be remembered that each person has a different set of eyes, which means that if something doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean that it also might not work for me – unless the product is built too cheaply. Even though these lenses are made from China, there were no glaring issues that I could detect. Quite simply, the lenses were of good quality.

  • Design & Comfort – 5/5

    As I have already mentioned previously, the colour of these lenses looks precisely the same as they were shown on the website, and the overall design was decent. With these lenses, I can comfortably wear them for an entire day quite effortlessly.

  • Enlargement – 3/5

The lenses that I have received provide a slight amount of enlargement to the eyes but not by much like the other brands in the market. In case you want an enhanced enlargement, then you need to opt for a lens that is bigger in diameter. These lenses are large enough to be used by me.

  • Overall Opacity – 4/5

These lenses have great colours, to begin with, and I’m admittedly not disappointed. Just that, I cannot wear them during the day time, so deducted one point.

  • Prescription – 4/5

    Even though both of my eyes were seeing a clearer vision, the right side I feel had a lower vision than the left one. I double-checked the prescription to know whether they had sent the correct one, but alas, it might be a manufacturing defect. One point removed for the same.

Conclusion (Verdict)


When it comes to my overall opinion, I have to say that I’m quite satisfied with my purchase – but definitely not happy with my choice of colour – as I should have selected some other better colour. However, besides my personal preferences, the packaging, as well as the overall care with which TTDeye included the other accessories, was truly commendable. My experience has been relatively smooth with the company, and therefore I will definitely be repurchasing from them in the future. Moreover, the designs of their lenses are indeed tempting, to say the least, and therefore I cannot really avoid them at all.


So, would I recommend them? Absolutely. But, your thinking might depend on how you perceive my TTDEYE product review and experience. If you’re someone who is not worried about the shipping times and is excited to try something new, then be my guest and go ahead with the purchase – as I did.

Ellen Hollington

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